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Industry + Insights / November 04, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Lee's Corner: Busting Consignment Myths
Dear Lee, I've always wanted to shop consignment but have my concerns.  I really find some interesting pieces whenever I do go consignment shopping but other peoples prejudices against it always get in the way. How do I finally jump off that cliff? Sincerely, ConsignmentPhobe    My Sweet Poor ConsignmentPhobe, The thrifting/consignment stigma is a real fashion problem these days. Peoples' genuine concerns of secondhand clothing limits you to a very generic wardrobe. I've found some of my favorite most unique pieces that I will treasure forever thanks to consignment. Don't limit yourself. Furthermore, unless you are an heiress or have never had to pay rent, affording new designer clothes can prove somewhat of a challenge. Well with secondhand owning luxury has never been more affordable. Join me while I bust consignment myths!   jijijiji Please, fashion is like a boomerang. Everything that was "in" once, comes back around in a bigger, more modern way. Designers and brands are constantly inspired by times of the past. You would have to be living under a bridge to not realize the 90's are back. Thrifting and consignment are great ways to honor past trends. This paired with more "of the day" pieces is how one stays in style. The perfect equilibrium between old and new.   jojoojoj   No one died in your clothes.  Clothes that were owned by others, doesn't necessarily mean the Grim Reaper visited them.  More times than not, the item has a rich history that the former owner probably shared with the store you're buying from or even may be never worn before, brand new with tags. Ask! It might have belonged to a celebrity or a Romanov!  History is rich and wonderful, not something you should fear when shopping consignment. Or it may never even have been worn, coming straight from castaways from a high-end department store.   BBBBBB

Consignment stores require people to dry clean and wash clothing before submission. If you are really bothered by this you should definitely ask before purchasing. When it comes to shoes, you can purchase these wonderful things called invisible soles that make pre-owned like new!

 You are welcome!

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