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Industry + Insights / October 09, 2014 / Lee Gusman
The Oversize Coat for ALL body types
It’s grand time we get over our fear of oversized coats. Most people believe that if you are not 6 feet tall and rail thin the trend will swallow your body. We say it’s all about HOW you wear it. Check out our five girls with very different body types, all rocking oversized outerwear.  

1. Petite like Nicole Richie 

Nicole Richie oversized coat street style

Why it works:  Both the loud print and the length could have worked against the 5'1 reality star. So why does she look so good? She paired the coat with an all black look which creates the illusion of height.  Her choice of skinny jeans and sleek chelsea boots elongates her figure as well.


2. Athletic like Ciara

Ciara oversized coat

Why it works: Many athletic women have boxier shoulders therefore and don't want to emphasize them with an oversized look. Ciara has the solution. The huge lapels distracts from her broad frame and feminizes the silhouette. We love how she decided to make the coat the statement and keep the rest simple.


3. Skinny like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham oversized coat street style

Why it works:  When you're super thin you do not always want to emphasize it. The oversized coat could easily wear you and not the other way around. The Spice Girl pulls it off thanks to a perfectly tailored pair of trousers. They add shape to her body by finding the perfect balance between baggy and tight. We also like how she wears the coat on her shoulders. Très posh!


4. Curvy like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Curvy

Why it works: Because she isn't hiding her curves completely! Although her body is covered by the coat, her pencil skirt and  cropped shirt show off her full figure. It's subtle yet sexy.


5. Plus-size like Adele 

Plus-size street style

Why it works:  The cinched waist adds form to the coats whilst the billowing sleeves enables that oversize effortless cool. We approve of this all black ensemble.


Photo Credits: Tumblr, People, Instyle 

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