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Industry + Insights / August 12, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Revival Upscale: A New Boutique Focused on Luxury, Affordability and Care

Designer merchandise is not the only thing that makes this consignment store so special, it is also their heavy emphasis on an all-inclusive shopping experience and community that makes this store one of a kind.

  If you’re heading to San Francisco, we suggest you make a detour and head to Redwood City and visit Revival Upscale. The relatively young consignment boutique already has an impressive inventory (their Jimmy Choo Rosalie bag is already on our wish list). The expertly merchandised designer inventory is not the only thing that makes this consignment store special,  it is also their heavy emphasis on an all-inclusive shopping experience and community that makes this store truly one of the kind. I had the pleasure of interviewing owner Chris Fortes on all things consignment. Being a full time mom and an inspiring fashion entrepreneur are two full time jobs. Most people can only handle one,  but not everyone is Chris Fortes. The proud of mother of a 25 years decided she could raise kids and pursue her passion, so she got creative and decided to start her business at home to remain close to her family. When her children started growing up, she decided to open a boutique and focus on what she calls jokingly her “passion for fashion”. When asked how it translated into consignment she explained “I have always been interested in high-end designers but could never justify buying at such high prices. I wanted to give women the opportunity to afford quality pieces without breaking the bank." With her low prices on brands Like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, she certainly made it work. Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 4.17.12 PM When Revival Upscale launched, the support poured in. “The city was our very own PR team," says Chris. "I did not need to promote it heavily because everyone was already so excited about the addition." This is what makes Revival Upscale so special. It is not only a testament to fashion but also to community. What does the future look like for Revival Upscale? Chris says it’s “all about baby steps”. She plans to expand and open more stores, but her primary focus is staying true to the brand. She wants everyone to associate her “new baby” with luxury, affordability and care. A tough challenge that power-mommy Chris can definitely handle. You can shop Revival Upscale exclusively on SnobSwap.
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