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Industry + Insights / July 25, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Ask a Stylist: What To Wear On A First (Tinder) Date
Lee, I’m going on my first Tinder date next week and I’m really nervous! I downloaded the app for fun not ever planning to meet anyone, but then I “met” Mister X. He's obviously only seen me in pictures so I’m scared he will be disappointed when he meets me in person. I know how to dress for a first date but how do you dress for a first Tinder date?  P.s., We are going out for drinks on a Friday. Sincerely, Misses Tinder     Dear Misses Tinder, What a very twenty first century predicament! As if we weren’t already addicted enough, iPhones have now found a way to control our dating life as well. Apps such as Tinder have allowed us to meet complete strangers in our city with one click of a button. It is safe to say that this has revolutionized the dating game. And by revolutionized I mean make it all the more fickle. Not only do we have to worry about avoiding double texting, drunk calls and bad selfies we now have to create the perfect tinder profile.  Life is hard. How does this clash between technology and dating affect the already tricky first date look? This one took some time, but I think I’ve created the perfect first Tinder date (FTD) outfit. Check it out!   Tinder first date look On a first tinder date you want to keep your outfit simple. Instead of distracting him with some outlandish statement piece, let him concentrate on the reason he swiped right: You! A pair of boyfriend jeans and white tee keeps the looks cool and casual, while a pair of heels and accessories make the outfit appropriate for a friday night. You can wear those printed harem pants when you have a ring on your finger. If you are worried about it not being sexy enough than opt for a more fitted jean or shirt. Don't reveal too much. A little mystery is healthy. Keep the make-up minimal and your hair loose. You want to appear as if you threw this all together effortlessly. He doesn't need to know about the two hour prep and half a bottle of pinot that gave you the courage to meet him.  
If you need more inspiration these are my three FTD (first tinder date) picks:

1. This Theyskens' Theory layered sheer top.

2. True Religion has got you covered with these distressed boyfriend jeans

3. A simple black heel courtesy of Cole Haan

Fashionable Regards,


    Photo Credits: Pinterest, Polyvore
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