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Industry + Insights / July 14, 2014 / Emily Barrett
Dare to Wear Patterned Pants

There's no question about it, patterned pants are not for the fashion-faint-of-heart. However, don't think you need to be a leggy runway model to pull them off either.

  Whether you want to ease into this style or run towards it with open arms, there's a perfect way to wear patterned pants for every comfort level. Here are three tips for sporting this trend like a pro and our daredevil ratings for each. How bold can you go?  

1. Eyes on the Prize

Daredevil Rating  devil

pattern pants J.Crew

  Sometimes you just need to step back and let the pattern be the star of the show. Let your pants be the focus of the outfit by balancing loud prints with a simple solid-colored top. A more elaborate pattern like these silk  Zara pants can work great since it's not competing with anything else.  

patterned pants streetstyle


2. Mix it Up

Daredevil Rating  devildevil

patterned pants mixing prints

  Why stop at just one (print) though? Two patterns may seem like a recipe for disaster, but done right, can open up a whole range of wardrobe possibilities. When combining different patterns, try to pair an organic looking pattern with something structured like floral & stripes, or something abstract like refined polka dots. Integrating a color that's present in both patterns (like red, above) helps tie the whole look together. Check out how our business development manager, Alida, successfully mixes prints here.  

patterned pants mixing patterns


3. Head-to-Toe

Daredevil Rating  devildevildevil
patterned pants suit matching separates   Even for the seasoned pattern-wearers, matching separates can be daunting. You can dress it up with a pair of heels and wear your pattern of choice in suit form. Alternatively, for a more casual outfit, try thinking of it as the breezy summer version of your favorite jumpsuit.  

patterned pants matching separates

  Photo Credits: J. Crew, Stockholm Streetstyle, styletonzagreb, Karen Manica, Harper's Bazaar
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