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Industry + Insights / July 11, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Purple Haze
The whole crazy colored hair obsession is nothing new. Seeing everyone from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry sport some outlandish mane every other week has made us grow weary of the trend. Then come along fashion gurus like Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne, who started owning lilac locks and now my life has forever changed...or at least my perception of hair color. It is an intimidating option. I'll admit that. I used to cringe when my hairdresser even mentioned highlights. The result, though, if done right, can be nothing short of fashion perfection. Nevertheless, it's still a commitment. Not only will you have to maintain it but also adjust your wardrobe to compliment your new color. But fear not because SNOBSWAP has got you covered! Here are a couple style tips for those contemplating joining the purple hair posse.  

Bring your basics into the limelight

Since your hair is essentially silently screaming out for attention, you will want to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. This is a chance to let your more basic pieces have their shining moment. That staple T-shirt dress from H&M will suddenly become a statement with your new lavender locks. You will breath new life into clothing you grew bored of.  Your hair maintenance might be costly, so it's good to know that you can depend on your trust basics while donning the fresh hue. I call it the cup being stylishly half full!  

Seeing Purple and Only Purple

It is a common style trick to accentuate a bold colored accessories with an all white/black ensemble. After all, contrast is beautiful. Let your mane be that accessory by minimizing your color palette. You invested in it, so it's only natural that you and everyone who surrounds you should be seeing purple and only purple. For the style novice we recommend wearing all white in this summer season. Check out SNOBSWAP's all white designer picks for inspiration. For you little daredevils who aren't afraid of black in the heat, check out my tutorial here! The motto: Wearing simple clothes is not simplistic when you have vibrant colored hair! Style on fashionistas!

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