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Industry + Insights / July 25, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Contemporary Designers Set The Mood With Pre-Fall Collections
Summer might be in full swing but retailers and designers are already thinking about the next season. Although it might be a billion degrees outside, we can’t help but get excited. However, before we start thinking about shearlings in July, let's focus on the Pre-Fall collections. Check out how some of the most influential contemporary designers are setting the mood for the Fall season.  


Philip Lim pre-fall Inspired by the rave culture of Berlin, mister Lim hits all the right spots in the messiest way possible. He captures the street cool of the German capital while still remaining elegant. He succeeds and the result is that we want to get our hands on every piece. Copper, metallic, cropped hoodies? Yes please!    


Jason Wu pre-fall 2014

Jason Wu is best known for his corsets and colorful frocks. Pre-Fall definitely marks a shift in aesthetics for the designer. His dresses are dark and the patterns subdued. His half leather, half suede, bomber jacket is the kind of clothing that makes you wish for colder weather. Paired with those clunky mannish heels? We're sensing a new trend on the horizon.




King of New York edge, Alexander Wang reinterprets the menswear trend for Pre-Fall. His button ups, overcoats, and slouchy trousers all have purposeful defects. Leave it to Alexander Wang to make his models look like trendy stockbrokers.



Helmut Lang pre-fall 2014

Helmut Lang may have created the perfect Pre-Fall collection. It is both lightweight and layered. The funnel leather jackets paired with the slouchy tee are the epitome of Fall in the city. Obsessed and must have it all!





Photo Credits: Vogue, Elle,

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