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Industry + Insights / July 07, 2014 / Emily Barrett
3 Bike-Chic Outfits To Wear Now

What's a chic girl to do when confronted with dressing to pedal?

Here at SNOBSWAP, we love that almost every major city now has a bike sharing system.  It's not only a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around, but also great way to soak up a little sunshine on your morning commute. What's a chic girl to do when confronted with dressing to pedal? Practical doesn't having to mean boring; there's no need to compromise your style when there are so many fashionable bike-friendly options available. We've pulled together a few different looks to try the next time you head out on your bike.

1. Downtown Retro

[caption id="attachment_14081" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Sweet Casual Biking Outfit Anthropologie romper, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, vintage boots[/caption]

Sometimes you want the simplicity of a one-piece outfit but don't want to risk your dress flying up while pedaling. Rompers are a bike-loving girl's best friend in the summer, coming with all the ease of a dress while still looking fashion-forward. This pretty floral romper from Anthropologie would be perfect for a spontaneous ride to the beach with your significant other. The lace up boots give the outfit an edge, and paired with white cat eye sunglasses, the whole look has a sweet retro vibe.


2. Cool Casual

[caption id="attachment_14082" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cool Casual Biking Outfit Givenchy top, Zara shorts, Nordstrom knee socks, Asos sandals[/caption]

Shorts are a summer staple. They are both practical and cute when they come in colors like this mint green Zara pair. The black socks and top pull the outfit together, and the contrasting jelly sandals make it seem modern. Add a pop of drama with purple lipstick and ride off into the sunset (or your next happy hour)!


3. Sweet and Classy

[caption id="attachment_14083" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Classy Biking Outfit Asos halter top, Kate Spade capri pants, Bijous statement necklace, J.Crew metallic flats[/caption] Keep it classy while riding with a simple outfit set off with eye-catching accessories. These Kate Spade capris paired with a loose halter top will keep you cool during your cycling adventure. Skip the pumps for a pair of metallic flats to keep your feet where they belong- on the pedals. Photo Credits: Bikepretty  
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