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Industry + Insights / July 31, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Ask A Stylist: What's The Best Accessory For A Killer Night Out?
Dear Lee,  I have this problem that every time I go out, I feel like the frumpiest girl in the room. Whenever I’m at a club or bar, I always think everyone is better dressed than me. I feel anxious because I think the other girls are judging what I'm wearing. I love the nightlife of New York, but it has started to become a tedious affair to get dressed for a night out. Do you have any style tips on how to feel more confident and secure when the sun goes down?  Sincerely, Misses Self-conscious     Dear Misses Self-conscious, This is a problem a lot of girls face. Unfortunately, women sometimes view each other as competitors, therefore purposefully degrading other women. They don't want you to steal male attention. The result is girls like you start having insecurities. It's sad to say, but as long as unrealistic ideas of beauty exist, this problem won’t be solved.  However, do not despair! If something can’t be changed, just move on and ignore it. The best comeback to dirty looks in the club is confidence. It’s easier said than done, but with this killer outfit I put together, those haters in stilettos won't know what hit them.  

how to dress in the club

  Keep the look simple but sexy. A girl's best friend is the little black dress. This might be cliché but it is true! Find that perfect fit for you, and treat yourself to a killer new pair of heels to go along with the LBD. Add a red lip like Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in MOD for a fearless night out.  


1.  Marc Jacobs shimmer dress for a night out

2. Costume National's Cut-Out heels will look great with your new found confidence

3. A gold hardware Jimmy Choo Clutch is a must!



(hit play, turn it up, pair with a glass of bubbly)

  1. Grimes- Genesis 
  2. Break Free- Ariana Grande ft Zedd 
  3. You know you like it (dj snake rework)- Aluna George
  4. Gun- CHVRCHES
  5. M.I.A- Exodus
  6. Trick Me- Kelis
  7. Charlie XCX- You ha ha ha
  8. Katy Perry- Part of me 
  9. Julian (chainsmokers remix)- Say lou lou
  10. Santigold- I'm a lady
  11. White noise- Disclosure
  12. Fancy- Iggy Azalea
  iggy   Fashionable regards,


  Photo and Music Credits: Pinterest, Tumblr, Columbia Records, Interscope Records, XL Records, Rock Republic Records, Vogue China
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