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Industry + Insights / July 09, 2014 / Lee Gusman
Ask a Stylist: The Big Bad Crop Top


    Elisa, The only thing you can’t wear in your 30's is booty shorts and maybe Forever 21. I get it, crop tops are tricky. They show a part of the body that women of all sizes are self conscious of. People assume you have to be stick thin or going to an Avicii concert to wear one. BLASPHEMY! I am a true believer that this trend can be worn at most phases of your life. To prove it, I created three looks for three different ages revolving around it.  


Crop top If I see another twenty-something wearing a neon crop top with a fanny pack I will scream. Neon can be chic. Fanny packs can sometimes be chic. BUT NOT TOGETHER. Instead opt for this athletic influenced outfit that is both youthful and sophisticated. The bright Chanel bag was added because what twenty year old doesn't dream of owning one.


Crop Top Style

This outfit is for you Elisa. It is perfect for bringing your kids to the park or enjoying a day off with your girlfriends. Pair a crop top with a conservative neckline and high-waisted jeans and a shawl cardigan. Both of these elements create the perfect equilibrium between trendy and conservative. We love this limited edition high-neck Topshop crop top for $55.


How to wear a Crop top at 40

When you are  forty you are most likely established with a plethora of kids or a career or both because it is the 21st century after all. This doesn't mean you can't get sexy with a crop top once in a while. This time I created an elegant look. If Audrey Hepburn  knew what crop tops were she would probably love this outfit. The highwaisted pencil skirt is matures this laser cut top without ageing it. Plus you can finally afford that classic Chanel bag. YAY!

Fashionable Regards,


Email me at [email protected] and your question might be chosen for next week's Ask A Stylist!

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