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Industry + Insights / June 23, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Upscale Consignment Boutique Taupe & Co. Launches on LePrix
When life hands you a business degree, it doesn't necessarily hand you a business. The Exception to this rule however exists in Banely Paz, the owner of our latest store partner Taupe Co.  Upon relocating to Las Vegas post-college, Paz turned her hobby of consignment shopping into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Setting up shop in Miami as of late, Taupe Co.'s offerings are nothing short of fabulous and summer ready. Read on as we talk summer trends, personal style's influence in business and that perfect Chanel Bag.

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Tell us a little bit about Taupe Co. When did you open? How did you land on the idea to open a consignment shop where you did? How did TC get its start? Taupe Co. opened officially in 2013 in Miami Fl. I graduated with a business degree and relocated to Las Vegas. Initially, I started selling pieces from my own collection online then branched into doing it for family and friends as well as listing rare pieces I’d find along the way. Consignment was always a side hobby. When I was laid off from my full time job, I thought why not take my side business a little farther and make it full time. [caption id="attachment_13788" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Merchandise, Consignment, Designer Consignment, Proenze Schouler, Chanel, J12, Ferragamo Summer And Luxury-For-Less Go Hand In Hand At Taupe Co. (Clockwise From Left: Proenza Schouler Bag; Chanel J12 Ceramic Watch; Salvatore Ferragamo Strappy Sandals)[/caption]   From day to day, you probably see a flux in inventory; what has been the most exciting item/items you have come across thus far? Wow, so many great pieces it’s hard to choose! I love the new Chanel bright yellow handbag; it just screams summer. I picture it paired with a light, floral dress or distressed denim shorts. I want the bag for myself! I’m also loving all the Hérmes pieces we’ve gotten in recently. [caption id="attachment_13784" align="aligncenter" width="408"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Taupe Co., Consignment, Miami Consignment Boutique, Chanel, Chanel Shoulder Bag Owner Banely's Fave Pick For Summer: Yellow Chanel Shoulder Bag To Pair With A Floral Dress Or Denim Cut-Off[/caption]     As far as summer trends go, what are you looking forward to sharing to our closet from yours? Definitely our swimwear collection. We have some great finds from Marc Jacobs, Vix and Soft Jolie. One of our biggest hits has been crochet maxi dresses; it’s a closet staple for summer that’s easy to throw on over a swimsuit and then convert into a nighttime look. And again…that Chanel Bag! [caption id="attachment_13785" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Throw A VIX Cover Up Over These Two Fab Bathing Suits, Exclusively Through Taupe Co. (From Left: Swim Suit, Marc Jacobs; Cover Up, VIX; Swim Suit, Trina Turk) Throw A VIX Cover Up Over A Fab Bathing Suits, Exclusively Through Taupe Co. (From Left: Swim Suit, Marc Jacobs; Cover Up, VIX; Swim Suit, Trina Turk)[/caption]   What has been the main motivation behind Taupe Co. since its opening? How do you think the dawn of mainstream consignment shopping has changed how and what people buy? I believe the craving for vintage has changed the way people buy. I remember when buying previously owned clothes was considered taboo, but people now love the idea of finding one of a kind pieces. For Taupe Co. it’s been about the passion for these finds; the feeling you get when you provide one of these rarities to the person who has been in search of it.   As a business owner in the world of fashion, how does your personal style reflect on how you curate of the store? My personal style has a huge influence on the store. I run the store for the passion behind fashion; not merely a means to make money. Everything I sell has been hand selected by me; things I could see myself wearing. I put a lot of heart and thought into each piece I sell, which is why I also love to help customers style their looks. I keep my inventory full with top designers, to contemporary brands such as Aryn K. and Arc & Co. I believe that not every piece in your closet has to have a high price tag to look chic.

Store Launch, Store Partner, Taupe Co., Curating, Personal Style, Fashion, Consignment, Designer Consignment


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