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Industry + Insights / April 15, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Second Time Around: A Lucky Magazine & Refinery29 Favorite!
When the frequency of your presence on every corner in the neighborhood rivals that of Starbucks, you know you're doing something right. If ever there were an example for success in the resale world, look no further than Second Time Around. With stores all along the east coast and 10 in New York alone, STA knows what it's doing when it comes to longevity and staying power. Making their stock accessible to the masses with varying locations, one can find that each boutique has a personality all its own. Curating their stock with the cities most fashionable women's closets, we talk to the team of the Madison Avenue location to discuss business, fashion and how to stay relevant in both. Second Time Around SS: What kind of products will customers typically come across in their shopping experiences with you? STA: “It’s different for each store. There are merchandise all based around the neighborhood. Things you may see in our Madison Avenue store you wouldn’t see in our West Side store. It’s cool because you can shop the ones that cater to your personal style. We have anything from super high end names like Ralph Lauren and Prada all the way down to Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade, but again the curating is definitely based on neighborhood.” Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Designer, Luxury Resale, Store Launch, Store Partner, Second Time Around SS: With several years in business under your belt, how does STA keep things fresh and on top of the trends? STA: “That starts with the staff. Absolutely. We’re obviously in a fashion-based-market, which is ever changing, and we really focus on hiring people on the cutting edge of it. A knowledge of everything from what’s about to be the next big thing to knowing the designers filing bankruptcy and closing their doors. It’s important. Our consigners keep us fresh too; without their fresh merchandise we couldn’t keep going. The majority of our consignors are socialites or people in the fashion industry; the who’s who of NYC are the ones typically consigning. Women are wanting to give back to other women. That’s the cornerstone of this business.” [caption id="attachment_13134" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Designer, Luxury Resale, Store Launch, Store Partner, Spring Trends Hand Selected By A Knowledgable And Fashion Forward Staff, STA Makes A Point To Bring You Of The Moment Ensembles (From Left): Blumarine, Reiss & Milly[/caption] SS: What enhancements have you provided both customers and consigners in order to set their experience apart from similar retail stores? STA: “We’ve evolved according to the wants and the needs of the consigner. Most consignment stores don’t offer online charting of what sells and when. You’re either told months later or paid upfront without ever knowing what your item actually sold for. This system allows a consigner to check their account every 20 minutes if they want to. We also offer a concierge service. A lot of our consigners are business women and society women with little time to select and drop off so we offer in house consultation helping them decide and consigning it for them. It’s convenient and personal.” Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Boutique, Concierge Service, Store Launch, Store Partner SS: What are 5 spring trends we can hope to see within your store partnership with SNOBSWAP? STA: 1. Full skirtsBig, full skirts that hit under the knee are going to be everywhere this spring. In all colors and patterns. 2. White. A crisp all white look is a bold statement and is a refreshing, spring alternative to the more frequented all black look. 3. Pastels. Nice soft mint green, lavender and blush pink. 4. Geometric prints. Triangles, circles, grids. Bold patterns in bold colors. 5. Florals. Lots and lots of florals! In feminine pastels. Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Spring Trends, Luxury Resale, The Look, Store Launch, Store Partner, Second Time Around SS: Write-ups have appeared in major media outlets, such as Refinery29 and Lucky Magazine; how has the press affected your business over the years? STA: “We’ve had write ups here and there, but the best press is who we are. Typically it’s word of mouth from people who’ve shopped in our store and their positive experience. The fact that we’re brick and mortar spreads the word too. We’re literally on every corner.” SS: In the future, how do you think STA will continue to evolve and grow? STA: “For one I think getting involved with SS will be huge. E-commerce is huge right now and we’re always looking to expand. We’re all very involved in fashion and we always know what’s in which works for us. We’re competitive and certainly one of the largest [in a brick and mortar sense], but I think an online presence will add to success. Social media is also a great way to reach out and cater to more people; it gives us a whole new world to expose our business to.” shopnow_newsize_button     Photo Credit: Polyvore
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