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Industry + Insights / April 30, 2014 / Vera Wen
New Store Partner Bargain District Brings Big Names & Big Deals
An ethereal vintage aesthetic and big designer names don't always meet in the same thought, but when Monique Sinha of The Bargain District paired the two concepts together, the result proved to be both whimsical and lucrative. Featuring a brick and mortar store in NYC's East Village as well as e-commerce endeavors, The Bargain District showcases Monique's love of vintage fashion and understanding of trends that are making their way back around (think 80's and 90's revivals) as well as high end names. With an aim, to make space in one's closet to bring more big names home, The Bargain District has the right idea. Read on as we chat with the owner about how the business evolved from a keen eye for style into a full grown resale boutique SS: What kind of look does Bargain District typically carry? Is the merchandise a wide range or something more specific? BD: Well the idea behind Bargain District is a place for people to find a deal and looking your best without spending retail. I have a wide variety because I do vintage and contemporary; at our brick and mortar store in the village, we have a lot more vintage whereas online I have a lot more of the designer pieces, but still at a bargain price across the board.

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SS: Does the neighborhood have an influence on the merchandise you get in? BD: Definitely; I love really girly vintage items like 50’s & 60’ but because of the neighborhood and it’s young population I have a lot of 80’s and 90’s looks that are coming back in. I try to make sure there is merchandise that people can relate to now with the trends. [caption id="attachment_13241" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The Bargain District, Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Upscale Resale, Thrill of The Hunt, Store Partner, Store Owner, Store Launch, Monique Sinha Takes Fashion To Know Fashion: Store Owner Monique Sinha, Sporting Her Preferred Vintage Look[/caption] SS: How would you explain the benefits of consignment to a first time consigner or buyer? BD: I feel like with consignment especially in a city like NYC where you need to be on top of the trends, going the consignment route allows you to keep up with the trends without having a million dollars in your pocket. Space is limited in NYC and trends change every three months; it’s a great way to open up your closet through consigning things. Its great if you’re on a budget; you can get something gently loved for a lesser price with the same value. SS: With a pick up in the consignment business in the last few years, what do you think has lent itself to the success of this industry? BD: The economy definitely influenced the way people spend and shop; people aren’t going to always spend $4000 to get a new bag. Consignment has become so much more main-stream and when everyone wants to own that Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag but cant buy it new, consignment is a great outlet for them to be able to own it. Vintage clothing is back in too so it’s great for people to shop it, particularly when everything comes back around. [caption id="attachment_13242" align="aligncenter" width="688"]The Bargain District, Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Upscale Resale, Bargain, Steals And Deals, Store Launch, Store Partner Why Pay Retail When You Can Shop Resale?[/caption] SS: What are your top five picks that you’re excited to list on SNOBSWAP? BD: 1. Chanel small Cambon Tote in black and white 2. New with tags, Lanvin brown patent leather bag 3. Brand new Nicholas Kirkwood purple and glitter pumps 4. New with tags, Pierre Balmain animal print bodycon dress 5. Stella McCartney fuchsia silk hi-lo dress [caption id="attachment_13244" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The Bargain District, Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Upscale Resale, Secondhand Luxury, Vera Wang, Nicholas Kirkwood, Store Launch, Store Partner, Store Merchandise Ready For Spring With Pretty Pastels And Pop's of Color[/caption] SS: How has your business grown since it’s opening and where would you like to see it going? BD: It has evolved from having small monthly fashion parties that grew slowly from friends asking me where I got things to ‘can you style me’ to selling online gradually to a pop up shop. I’m not fully a consignment store in that I buy outright, but it’s resale. I like the hunt; it’s a way to shop but share it with other people. I’m still very new so I’m enjoying all the experiences from sales to interacting with the customers. The brick and mortar aspect is amazing but I am looking forward to branch out into ecommerce and see where it takes me. The future is wide open and I am excited to see where it goes.  shopnow_newsize_button2
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