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Industry + Insights / April 24, 2014 / Vera Wen
Luxury Cravings Satisfied

Fine lines, intricate beadwork and incomparable quality are the principles of vintage fashion. It can often be a feeling of elation when we slip into one of these rare finds, feeling every fiber of fabric clinging in all the right places; the only catch being is that is can be tough to locate some of the more couture and luxe names of decades past. Cue Craving Vanity, SNOBSWAP's latest store partner; bringing us an array of Las Vegas' finest in couture vintage clothing as well as contemporary names. Read on as we sit down with husband and wife duo Rachel and Johnathan, the creators behind Craving Vanity, as we discuss their passion for fine vintage, love of designer contemporary and their general excitement of fashion. You'll be sure to find something you crave: Craving Vanity, Store Launch, Store Partner Craving Vanity, Store Launch, Store Partner

  SS: When you initially opened, did you have a vision for how you were going to curate the store? CV: “We’ve always had a background in unique vintage so that’s something we wanted to emphasize; not just current but special and unique pieces be it vintage or current.” [caption id="attachment_13338" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Vintage, Vintage Glamour Vintage Glam Is Never In Shortage With Craving Vanity[/caption]   SS: How does your store location influence the type of merchandise you bring in? CV: “There are really unique items here in Vegas [laughs] more-so than you’d find elsewhere. It’s everything from retired showgirls to other eclectic looks, which works for us. The Vegas lifestyle lends to a variety of eclectic items and we are happy to take them off of peoples hands.” [caption id="attachment_13342" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Craving Vanity, Store Launch, Store Partner, Vintage Fashion, Vintage, Las Vegas Fashion, Eclectic Desert Rose Vs. Desert Heat: An Eclectic Mix Can Be Expected In Our New Store Partnership[/caption] SS: How long have you been open? What have you experienced along the way that has changed your business for the better? CV: “We have been opened for two and a half years. When we first started, it was a stock of things my wife was ready to part with. We began as a side project, but started meeting with people, who for example, would have fabulous vintage Theirry Mügler couture pieces. As an owner the aim has simply been to acquire fabulous things. When we stared it was a lot of ready to wear that speared the store into the direction of vintage couture and we continued to grow in that way.” [caption id="attachment_13335" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Aiming To Crave: Owner Johnathan Shares That It Has Always Been A Top Priority To Bring High Quality To The Public (From Left: Temperly, Zac Posen, Escada) Aiming To Crave: Owner Johnathan Shares That It Has Always Been A Top Priority To Bring High Quality To The Public (From Left: Temperly, Zac Posen, Escada)[/caption]   SS: What are some of your favorite pieces you have come across over time and currently have in stock that you’re excited to showcase on SNOBSWAP? CV: “We have some really interesting Oscar de la Renta pieces! We have this entirely hand crocheted Oscar gown that comes along with a brocade bolero. We also acquired this amazing Escada ladybug sequined blazer! A while back, we acquired this Moschino couture hand painted pantsuit that I was crazy about; it had this massive polka dot blazer. It wasn’t supposed to be a suit but we shot it as one and it went into a massive bidding war.” [caption id="attachment_13334" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Vintage Vanities: One Of A Kind Beauties From The Likes of Carolina Herrera And Fendi Vintage Vanities: One Of A Kind Beauties From The Likes of Carolina Herrera And Fendi[/caption]   SS: With a strong start in the ecommerce world, where do see the future of Craving Vanity going? CV: We’d like to build on where it is now. Not having a brick and mortar store has worked well in our favor; we still offer amenities like pick up consultation locally and via Skype sessions. This method works really well so we may opt to stay on that track versus opening a storefront. It would be a dream come true to have a three tiered company where we have vintage Chanel and Christian Lacroix couture all the way down to [contemporary] ready to wear, but with primary emphasis on vintage couture to show its still alive and a work of art.



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