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Industry + Insights / April 16, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Cadillac's Castle Consignment Boutique Goes Online
Are you looking to add some downtown edge to your closet? If so, you may have just found a hidden gem in Cadillac's Castle. Offering names like Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Phillip Lim, Marni, Valentino and Martin Margiela, to name a few, Cadillac's brings downtown cool to NYC's s edgiest trendsetters, and now you too! Read on as we sit down with fashion industry insiders and the owners of Cadillac's Castle, to talk spring trends, standards for curating a store and expansion to an online market. SS: Tell me a little bit about your business; how did you decide consignment was something you wanted to branch into? CC: “We both have experience working in the fashion industry in  NYC for many years.  We decided to go into to business together foreseeing a growing trend in designer resale." [caption id="attachment_13164" align="aligncenter" width="464"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, SNOBSWAP, Luxury Resale, Cadillac's Castle, NYC, Store Launch, Store Partner Cadillac's East Village Store Front; bringing Downtown cool to all of us.[/caption] SS: What are the benefits of being located in one of America’s most fashionable cities? Are there any obstacles ever? CC: “Being located in one of the fashion capitals of the world has it's obvious benefits. We have a high volume of traffic from our locals, students and tourists which  makes for a vibrant shopping environment. If you can provide trendy, designer, yet discounted goods, the rest is simple. Obstacles, the only one that we can think of is keeping up with the volume of inventory; there's never enough!" SS: Would you say your stores appeals to a certain style, or do you try to cater to a variety of looks? Are there any items that sell better in comparison to others? CC: “Not really, there isn't one particular style. We have a demographic of 18-35 leaving us to provide a range of styles. Detail of design is most important, style and trend come next." [caption id="attachment_13165" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Luxury Resale, Cadillac's Castle, NYC, Downtown, Store Launch, Store Partner Uptown Girls Can Add Some Downtown Edge With The Help Of Cadillac's Castle[/caption]   SS: What are your favorite trends for spring? Anything in particular we can hope to see in your collaboration with SNOBSWAP? CC: “To me there is so many different trends right now.  I’m partial to the pales mixed with grays and nudes and the crisp white look seems refreshing. Slouchy, loose fitting colored trousers and jump suits are flying out of the store for spring."

Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Spring Trends, Pastels, All White, Boutique, Store Launch, Store Partner, Cadillac's Castle, NYC

SS: How does your personal style play a role in the way in which you curate your store? CC: “[Laughs], We will not accept anything for the store that isn't well constructed; the same goes for my own closet."  [caption id="attachment_13167" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Curation, Luxury Resale, Cadillac's Castle, Store Partner, Store Launch With A Meticulous Attention To Detail, A Lot Of Thought & Care Go Into Curating Cadillac's.[/caption]   SS: Where would you like to see the future of Cadillac go? CC: “You know, in the present state of our economy that’s a really tough question. I do think the next best step is for Cadillac's to go online and gain a larger market which we look forward to doing with SNOBSWAP." [caption id="attachment_13169" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Boutique, Spring Green, Christian Louboutin, Merchandise, Store Launch, Store Partner, Cadillac's Castle, NYC There's Always Room For Lime Green Louboutin's[/caption]  

Cadillac's Castle

Photo Credit: Polyvore, Google Image, Cadillac's Castle
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