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Industry + Insights / February 06, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Discover Amazing Scores from Our New Store Partner Untied Ribbons
Here at SNOBSWAP, we've become a little spoiled when it comes to our store partnerships. Warm and charismatic store owners don't hesitate to share their hand-crafted curation of stock. We are pleased to note that our new store partner, Untied Ribbons, is no exception. With an ambitious owner, Untied Ribbons offers a fresh perspective as an online source for killer deals, designer labels and exciting pieces that are sure to breath new life into your wardrobe. Join us as we sit down with owner and FIT student, Julie Boone, to discuss catchy names, resale-retail and how to maintain integrity  in world in which faux items pass themselves off as designer names. Untied Ribbons, Consignment Shop, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand, Luxury Preowned, Designer, Shopping 1. We love the name of your store! Where did you get the name and how did your store come to be? When the original name didn’t work out, my sister came up with Untied Ribbons. I’m obsessed with ribbons and the idea behind it was that the clothes were like already opened packages or ‘untied ribbons’. As a student at FIT, I had gotten my first taste of consignment shopping and I couldn’t believe the prices. I realized that for a slight mark-up I could start flipping the merchandise and after a few months I had launched my site. Consignment Shopping, Consignment, Secondhand, Designer Preowned, Luxury, Untied Ribbons, Quotes     2. How did you build a sustainable business with a future for expansion? It all started with the website, then I started paying social media outlets to advertise, and then word of mouth helped a lot too. Eventually I started advertising on a number of sites and my volume picked up. With every purchase, I made sure to put a business card in the shipment as well. I am also confident the business will continue to grow because there is a constant turnover of coveted merchandise.   [caption id="attachment_8873" align="alignnone" width="555" caption="Untied Ribbons Well Trafficked Webpage, Boasts A Welcome Screen As Chic As Its Merchandise"]Consignment Shopping, Consignment, Secondhand Shopping, Web Design, Homepage, Welcome Page, Untied Ribbons, Untied Ribbons Website[/caption]   3. With consignment shopping becoming more mainstream every day, how do you set your business apart? I don’t work with outside consignors. I source all of my own merchandise and own it outright before I sell it. It allows for a lack of stress over keeping track of someone else’s merchandise and their expectations on price. That fact lends to me being able to charge less!   4. How do you curate your store? Are there any particular brands or styles you look for? Everything I retail typically originates from a Sak’s or Neiman’s environment. Initially I was lucky because my mom unloaded a lot of product with me. If I’m in a hurry and grab something last minute, only to research it and find out it’s an obscure but luxe brand, I’ll source photos from the brands site and pair them with my own photos which aides in the items sale. 5. How would you define your personal style? Does it influence the merchandise you source and carry? I’m very girly [giggles]. When I first moved to NYC I maybe owned four pieces of black. Everything else was colorful. Kate Spade and Ted Baker are my go-to favorites. When sourcing for the the store, I tend to grab the more outrageous and colorful stuff because it catches my eye.   6. What are your top five items SNOBSWAP buyers should keep an eye out for with your upcoming store partnership? 1.) Green Leather Balenciaga Sandals 2.)St. John Sweater With An Ivory Flower 3.) Strappy Michael Kors Gladiator Sandals 4.)Amazing Emily Cho Clutch 5.) Black, Knee High Boots from Sisley With An Open Toe   [caption id="attachment_8882" align="alignnone" width="800" caption="Julie's Top Five Pick's Currently Listed On SNOBSWAP (From Top Left): Michael Kors Metallic Sandals, Sisley Open Toe Boots, St. John Floral Embellished Sweater, Green Balenciaga Sandals & Emily Cho Envelope Clutch"]Consignment Shopping, Consignment, Secondhand Luxury, Designer Preowned, Untied Ribbons, Style, Fashion[/caption]   6. What are your hopes for Untied Ribbons? How do you hope the business will expand? My hope is to grown the website. I still have three semesters left of school, but eventually I’d love to have my own [physical] store. I never expected to start retailing on other websites, and I’m trying learn more about my customers and exactly what they like. At the end of the day, you need to keep your customers happy, and I do so by being lenient about returns and keeping my prices low!   Be sure to check out Untied Ribbons on SNOBSWAP! Untied Ribbons on SNOBSWAP  
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