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Industry + Insights / February 14, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Where Designer Dreams Come True: ON QUE STYLE Brings The Highest In Quality To Every Corner of The Internet
When a store boasts covetable brands, a notorious former stylist serving as one of the owners, and a fresh business plan, that is a recipe for success. Here to prove that hypothesis correct is ONQUESTYLE, Newport Beach's very own "walk-in closet". With no shortage of luxe names and a heavy online presence, ONQUESTYLE has elected to team up with SNOBSWAP as one of our newest store partners. We couldn't be more thrilled to share their goldmine of goodies with our fashion devotees. Read on as we talk with owners, husband and wife team, Kirsten and Eddie Prosser about their innovative business plan and never-ending ideas for growth in the world of consignment. Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand Luxury, ONQUESTYLE, Store Partner 1. How did ONQUESTYLE get off the ground? Style is clearly an inherent trait within Kirsten [the owner], but how did she shift gears from a stylist to opening her own business? Kirsten had been a stylist for a long time in Newport; she had a lot of wealthy clients and a common tie was that [like Kirsten] they had a lot of excess stuff they couldn’t figure out what to do with. Initially the plan was for me to help Kirsten start something up and I started to appreciate the designers and the brands. We started with an eBay store, and once we had a brick and mortar store, eBay is where we would liquidate or items after 120 days.   [caption id="attachment_8975" align="alignnone" width="282"]Consignment Shopping, Consignment Boutique, Consignment, Secondhand Luxury, Store Partner, ONQUESTYLE Owner Kirsten Prosser, Stylist Turned Boutique Owner, Uses Her Keen Eye To Curate ONQUESTYLE[/caption]   2. How does ONQUE maintain such an organized presence both online and in-house? We didn’t want the texture of a typical consignment store. We don’t even use the term consignment in our storefront. We use a web and social media developer to optimize our site. It’s a combination of fashion and technology evolving and working together.   [caption id="attachment_8978" align="alignnone" width="590"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand Luxury, Storefront, ONQUESTYLE ONQUESTYLE's Storefront in Corona Del Mar, Boast's Itself As "Rodeo Without The Drive"[/caption]   3. ONQUESTYLE boasts a very high caliber of products. How do you source your items and how do you draw the unfamiliar customer in? Customers bring us their items in person as well as find us online and ship us their merchandise. We do a cross-fix of conventional media from direct mail to local publications and we’re constantly driving people through Google. Our demographics are anywhere from 22-65, so we have a broad mix of clients. Dealing in top-tier brands, you really do have a little something for everyone.   [caption id="attachment_8979" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand Luxury, ONQUESTYLE, Store Partner, Hermes, Chanel, Celine A Sampling Of What To Expect From ONQUESTYLE's Store Partnership (Clockwise from top left: Hermes, Celine, Chanel)[/caption]   4. How do you keep consignment a fresh concept?  In your opinion, what are the main factors leading to its success? We keep the merchandise fresh by keeping a 90 day turn on items and then discount them from there. Eventually we’d like to consolidate merchandise with other consignment shops throughout the U.S. via an online platform to help propel our business and that of others.   5. In an ever-changing business such as consignment shopping, how do you think ONQUE will continue to set itself apart in its upper echelons? Our plan is to consolidate metro markets throughout the country. We also love the concept of trading because its another format for us to stay fresh; that’s why we saw SNOBSWAP to be a strategic partnership [because of the swapping feature]. We’re confident that we’re going to be the biggest consignment shop in the next five years. We keep ahead of the curve by exporting merchandise from our site onto online platforms. We’re constantly looking for new concepts to park our inventory on while we build our online brand and keeping a turnaround on inventory. As long as we can do it efficiently we will continue to add strategic markets.   Don't miss out on snagging the perfect handbag from On Que Style! On Que Style Consignment on SNOBSWAP   Photo Credits:, Google Images
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