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Industry + Insights / February 07, 2014 / Julie
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! New Features + Terms Update
SNOBSWAP + CREDIT CARD We have been working hard to build you the best marketplace for luxury resale. Thanks to your suggestions, we are excited to offer the option to check out with credit cards!  Credit card check out will simplify your shopping and optimize your selling experience. To continue delivering new enhancements and robust service, the seller’s fee will be raised to 15% in a few days. Even with the increase in seller’s fee, SNOBSWAP still has one of the lowest fees for selling designer items. Shopping just got better – here’s how:
  • Check out multiple items at once – You can now check out multiple items at a time with a credit card. Instead of clicking Buy Now, you will now click Add to Cart. (If you check out with PayPal, you still pay for each item individually).
  • Check out from My Cart – To check out, click on My Cart and from there you have the option to use a credit card or use PayPal.
  • Make Cash Offers with credit card – Cash offers can now only be made with credit cards. Put in your best offer and your credit card will be charged when your offer is accepted.
  • Track your order – Items purchased with credit cards will have a tracking number with which you can monitor your purchase.
Selling and Cashing Out – here’s how: Giving buyers another payment option in addition to PayPal will help boost your sales! Collecting your credit card earnings is simple:
  • Cash out from your Sold & Swapped account - Your earnings from credit card purchases will be available to cash out 72 hours after your item has been tracked as delivered to the buyer. You can cash out by:
  1. Choosing a direct deposit into your bank account
  1. Requesting a PayPal payment (Earnings from purchases made by PayPal will still be reflected in your PayPal account)
  • Use SNOBSWAP shipping labels – When a buyer pays for your item, you will receive an email confirmation of the sale with a button to print out a shipping label. The label will come with a tracking number so we can help track your shipment. You must use this shipping label so we can track the item has been successfully delivered before releasing your funds.
  • No credit card processing fees – When a buyer pays for your item with a credit card, we take care of the processing fee!
  • Shop on SNOBSWAP with your earnings – If you decide to keep your earnings in your SNOBSWAP account, it can be used as credit towards your next great purchase!
  • If you don't see these awesome new updates, just refresh your browser or clear out your cache.
For more information, please browse our How to Guide. If you have questions, please email [email protected].  We always love hearing from you! Happy selling, shopping and swapping! xoxo, The SNOBSWAP Team
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