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Industry + Insights / January 27, 2014 / Katie Flanagan
Miami Boutique 'Consign of The Times' Heats Up Your Wardrobe
With the wintertime blues in full effect, our minds tend to wander to warmer locales. When our sun-soaked daydreams combine with our love of consignment shopping, the result points straight to SNOBSWAP's new store partnership with Consign of The Times, Miami's premiere luxury consignment boutique. Boasting an address on the famous shopping epicenter Lincoln Road, Consign of The Times offers up a unique curation, including label favorites from Hermès and Christian Louboutin along with many more. Join us as we sit down with owner Carin Kirby to discuss her thoughts on shopping secondhand, running a lucrative business, and how her successful consignment empire came to be. Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand, Luxury, Consign of The Times 1. Following your opening in 2001, you became one of Miami’s first premiere consignment shops. After setting a high standard in a luxe area, how have you kept up with competition as it’s come along? What do you think has contributed to your success over the years? Really, I think a lot of people assume opening a consignment shop is easy; that you’ll have a low overhead and people will just bring you their stuff, but it’s entirely opposite. Hard work, organization, and good employees are all factors to success. Plotting what the market wants is also key. That’s our niche! I’m constantly researching at Neiman’s, figuring out what things cost and what’s selling. You can’t run a competitive business without loyal consigners. I pay great attention to getting them top prices and paying them on time. Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand, Consign of The Times, Luxury, Boutique, Balenciaga, Hermes 2. What drew you to consignment? What about it as an industry made you want to create a business out of it? I wanted to make a career change and a friend encouraged me into this industry. His sister and friend both had shops in DC and Boston. After spending some time looking at both, I decided I could make a business out of it. I love clothes and the excitement that comes with the daily turn over; you never know what is going to show up so that makes the business really fun.   [caption id="attachment_8832" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand, Consign of The Times, Luxury, Store, Boutique, Shoes, Christian Louboutin, Red Soles A stunning pair of studded Christian Louboutin Pumps perch atop a display[/caption]   3. Because Miami is sunshine all year round, how do you regulate your inventory from season to season? I’ll try to keep the winter wear at cashmere sweaters; things consumer’s realistically want for wintertime in this area. I try to stock a few coats for the customers who go north in the winter. However, the extent of my winter wear is long sleeved knits and boots. I’ll take a fur here and again, but if I do, it has to be over the top amazing!   [caption id="attachment_8836" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Consign of The Times, Clutches, Designer, Luxury, Prada, Valentino Balenciaga Clutches for all to clasp (Clockwise from left): Balenciaga, Prada, Valentino[/caption]   4. What have been the main benefits being located on such prime shopping real-estate as Lincoln Road? There’s major foot traffic and tourists have been a huge hit. Location is mainly what you pay for. The accessibility for hotel patrons and Miami residents is huge. You’ll have someone casually walk in, off the beach in a bikini and coverup, and they’ll wind up spending $4,000.00.   [caption id="attachment_8833" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment, Consignment Boutique, Luxury Consignment, Consign of The Times, Store Front, Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Times' lovely store front on Miami's famous shopping destination, Lincoln Road[/caption]   5. Your site boasts a bevvy of lust-worthy brands! What are your top five pieces that you’re going to be featuring on SNOBSWAP? We have a lot of amazing handbags. I would say out of those, my picks would be the Hermes Black Jypsiere 34, the Louis Vuitton Cherry Red Vernis Alma, the Prada Bronze Metallic Leather Tote, the Lanvin Amalia Totes in Dusty Rose & Black Shimmer and the Chanel Red Caviar leather vanity case.   [caption id="attachment_8839" align="alignnone" width="800"]Consignment Shopping, Consignment, Consign of The Times, Designer Handbags, Secondhand, Luxury Owner Carin picks her top five handbags in a sea of designer carryalls[/caption]   6. You’re constantly growing and pursuing different avenues for Consign of the Times. Tell us about your recent endeavors and where you see your business and consignment (in general) going in the next few years. I definitely hope to do more online and that’s something we’re going to concentrate on this year. The online marketplace is becoming a competitive one, so navigating that is interesting territory. We’re looking at a big move to a larger space next month, and within the year, I hope to move into high-end furniture and large signed jewelry pieces like Cartier bracelets.   Be sure to check on Consign of the Times on SNOBSWAP!  
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