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Industry + Insights / December 11, 2013 / Katie Flanagan
Get the Scoop on Gift-Giving for the Holidays from Denver Boutique 'All For Funds' Founder
All for Funds, Consignment, Luxury, Shopping, Boutique, Partner, Gifts, Holiday In the thick of the holiday season one can find themselves rather frenzied. Between checking off each necessity on your shopping list and looking chic throughout the seasonal party circuit, we're often left scattered and disorganized. Fear not! The team at SNOBSWAP is here to put a little ease to your gift-giving and a lot of style back in your wardrobe. Read on as we talk to Lisa Butterfly, the owner of our fabulous new store partner All for Funds, as she talks consignment, dressing for the season and gift guides for the most avid of fashionistas.   1. How did All for Funds come to be? What drew you to the consignment market? All for Funds came to fruition when my young children started school. All for Funds started out as a fun hobby! What drew me to the consignment market was the desire to help our clients make a profit from their luxury goods. [caption id="attachment_8539" align="alignnone" width="426" caption="Owner and brains behind All for Funds: Lisa Butterfly"]consignment, owner, all for funds, lisa butterfly, boutique, luxury[/caption]   2. Are you primarily an online presence or do you have a storefront as well? What are your hopes in teaming up with SNOBSWAP? All for Funds has an exclusive online presence, with several online channels. Our hope in teaming up with SNOBSWAP is to increase our brand awareness and to share our stunning luxury items with the SNOBSWAP community. We hope to connect with other online fashionistas around the globe!   3. With the holiday shopping frenzy in full swing, do you find your business increasing? What are your thoughts on shopping consignment when it comes to gifts for others? Our clients and shoppers alike are busy shopping and consigning this holiday season, and we have seen an upswing in sales. Consignment gifts are an eco-friendly and budget-conscious way to give this holiday season.   4. That being said, what are your top five picks listed on SNOBSWAP that would make great holiday gift ideas? I love our Red Chloe silverado handbag, our vintage authentic fur coat, our Cynthia Rowley crocodile print pants, our grey suede Christian Louboutin boots, and our Louis Vuitton cherry carryall duffel bag. Louis Vuitton, Chloe Silverado, Fur, Vintage Fur, Consignment, Quality, Luxury 5. In tune with the holiday season, what key investment piece would you recommend for keeping your look updated throughout the slew of festive soirees? A great piece of leather- whether it be a leather skirt, leather pants, or even a leather top would be perfect for any holiday party. A classic black Chanel handbag is also a great accessory for the season. Leather, Peplum, Holiday, Party, Holiday Season, Accents, Staples, Investment Pieces 6. What are your hopes for the future of All for Funds? Where do you project the concept of consignment shopping to be in five years? To grow, expand, and change the face of consignment one luxury good at a time! Consignment shopping and up cycling is truly an amazing life cycle process for any luxury brand name item. The process will change the way people purchase luxury goods, flip for a profit, and will enable all fashionistas to enjoy fine luxury items at an affordable price. Be sure to check out All For Funds on SNOBSWAP!  
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