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Industry + Insights / December 18, 2013 / Katie Flanagan
Edgy New Boutique 'Haute Minx' Joins LePrix
As shoppers, it can be easy to forget all the work goes into curating the perfect consignment shop. Not only does a store need to be filled with a slew of fabulous finds, but it also needs to have a certain ambiance and a name to snag the attention of passerby's. Successfully proving this hypothesis is our new store partner Haute Minx. We get the scoop with store owner Rachel on rebranding her store (formerly known as Aweberry's), navigating consignment shopping for newcomers and her irresistible top picks of Haute Minx merchandise.   Haute Minx, Consignment, Store Launch, Store Partner, SNOBSWAP, Boutique   1. How did Aweberry's get its start and what prompted you to rebrand to Haute Minx? I liked the name Aweberry's but after using it for a while I noticed that people had no idea what my store was. After some months I decided I really needed a name that gave a better sense of what I was selling and I feel like Haute Minx does that perfectly. Haute refers to fashion or couture and Minx gives a sense of a sexy, classy (maybe even slightly mischievous) woman -the type I hope to have as customers!   2. What offerings does your store come across that make it unique among the consignment market? Does any particular piece in your stock come to mind? Every item at Haute Minx is hand-picked and inspected by me. I take a lot of time shopping and searching for specific pieces and make sure that everything I sell is in excellent condition. One example is the Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Trench Coat; it is in absolutely perfect condition and such a fun piece!   Haute Minx, Consignment Shop, Floor Set, Boutique, Designer, SNOBSWAP, luxury   3. What are your tips for the newcomers to consignment shopping? Inspect and ask questions! Especially when dealing with used items.There are so many variables. It's always good to ask questions about the fit or exact condition of the item before you buy so that you are not disappointed later.   4. Where did your interest in consignment shopping stem from? I love fashion and I love finding a great deal! I have always been a bargain hunting fashionista and it makes me happy to being able to give others like me the opportunity to get the clothes at a deep discount. [caption id="attachment_8694" align="alignnone" width="800" caption="Just a few of the fabulous and unique finds Haute Minx has to offer."]Haute Minx, Merchandise, Luxury, Boutique, Consignment Shopping, Secondhand,Designer[/caption]   5. Are you ever tempted to buy  your own merchandise? What are your top picks listed on SNOBSWAP right now? All the time! I love so many of the items that come through my store, sometimes I am sad to see things go but excited to be passing them along to someone who will treasure them. Right now my tops picks are the geometric pattern Prada slingbacks, the Gucci loafers and the Alice + Olivia color block dress. The Kate Spade Portola Valley bag is my undisputed fave of the moment though! Haute Minx, Consignment, Store Launch, Store Partner, Boutique, Luxury, Designer, Secondhand Luxury, Alice And Olivia, Prada, Kate Spade, Gucci 6. What are your hopes for the future of Haute Minx? How has your vision changed since your start until now? Haute Minx is my baby and I am excited to see it grow and mature. Right now, I’m working on increasing inventory and over time I hope to expand my brand awareness. I would love for Haute Minx to be known as the place to come for amazing deals on amazing fashion. I am so excited to be teaming up with SNOBSWAP and I know that this partnership will help me reach my goals. Right now, I feel as if the sky is the limit and I am just excited to see where it goes.   Be sure to check out Haute Minx on SNOBSWAP! Designer Consignment Boutique Haute Minx on SNOBSWAP  
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