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Industry + Insights / December 17, 2013 / Katie Flanagan
Designer Consignment Boutique 'Opulent Habits' Launches on LePrix
In a market abound with hidden treasures, it can be a tad daunting when it comes time to determine authenticity in the realm of consignment. Sadly one can't always employ the adage that "if it looks like Chanel, feels like Chanel, then it must be Chanel." Faux handbags have upped their game in the last few years making it that much harder to distinguish in a preowned market. If this is a concern on your list of rational fears, fret no more as we proudly introduce  our newest store partner Opulent Habits. With a strong knowledge of luxury goods (owner Darcy is an alum of Chanel's retail world) and a desire to please, Opulent Habits lives up above and beyond its name. Read on as we get a glimpse of the store's creation, the brains behind the operation and their dedication to an authentic product.   Opulent Habits, SNOBSWAP, Launch, Store Partner, Consignment, Boutique, Luxury   1. How did Opulent Habits come to be? Where does the love of consignment stem from? Opulent Habits is a combination of my wife Darcy's love for fashion and high-end retail experience along with my passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. Our love for the business stems from a passion for luxury handbags and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. We consider ourselves more than just consignment; our Wishlist Shopping for the holiday season has been a huge success, utilizing the ability to find customers the exact bag of their dreams!   [caption id="attachment_8638" align="alignnone" width="660" caption="A glimpse into Opulent's luxe offerings"]Opulent Habits, Consignment, Store Launch, Store Partner, Boutique, Handbag, Purses, Shoes[/caption]   2. It can be tough to find the real-deal on the consignment circuit when it comes to handbags and things of the like. How do you insure that you’re customers get authentic goods? When finding authentic goods it's important to know your source. We try to source our items from consigners that can document where they made their original purchase; items come with authenticity cards, original boxes, dust bags and even receipts! When it comes to vintage items that are harder to authenticate we will use online authentication services that charge a fee to authenticate.   [caption id="attachment_8639" align="alignnone" width="660" caption="I spy with my little eye: Hermes, Chanel and Louis!"]Opulent Habits, Consignment, Boutique, Luxury, Chanel, Hermès, Store Launch, Store Partner[/caption]   3. Where do you source your items? Are you located in a competitive consignment market? Our store is located in an affluent area of North Jersey. Our clientele has access to Short Hill’s Mall which houses Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more! Situated in the downtown area of Millburn, our location is vital; it offers visibility and attracts shoppers and consigners alike. We source most of our items via word-of-mouth marketing, mainly from customers that are thrilled with the care and attention to detail we take in selling their items, in house and online.   4. What are your top items you are currently selling via SNOBSWAP that you think would make great holiday gifts? Currently, we’re featuring a Red Jumbo Caviar Chanel Classic that would be amazing for the holidays but may not be around much longer! We also have a really unique piece of Vintage Hermes Luggage from the 1930's complete with interior compartments and original perfumes and travel accessories. We also have a wide range of Louboutin & Dior Heels as well as Burberry Watches and Louis Vuitton Duffels. Opulent Habits, Luxury, Holiday, Gift Guide, Gifts, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry 5. What was your aim when you first opened Opulent Habits and where do you see its future going? Our aim has always been to focus on high end handbags! We offer our sellers the best consignment rates in the industry which continuously attracts new consigners. In return, this gives us the ability to offer our buyers excellent products at excellent prices, so it's a win-win for everyone. We see our future growing from the one store in Millburn, NJ to multiple stores in the North Jersey/NY market. We’d also like to expand into personal shopping services for the unique and impossible to find!   Be sure to check out Opulent Habits on SNOBSWAP! opulent habits on snobswap
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