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Industry + Insights / November 05, 2013 / Katie Flanagan
Luxe Tribeca Consignment Boutique 'Resale Riches' Launches on LePrix
“Why pay retail, when you can shop resale?” That is the guiding mantra behind Resale Riches. Located in the ultra-luxe, Tribeca neighborhood of NYC, Resale Riches offers a bevvy of designer goodies at mere fractions of the original cost. With a generous consigners cut, it also doesn’t hurt to empty your own closet to refill it with treasures from theirs. We had the chance to chat with founder Tania Anthony about the treasures to be found in the consignment realm along with the wide variety of clientele she caters to. SS: In a fierce retail market like NYC, what do you think sets Resale Riches apart from the competition? TA: From a consignment standpoint I offer a much higher commission [up to 80% on the higher end items which is almost unheard of]. From a buyer's standpoint, I’ve invested time into curation to provide a highly selective, handpicked selection. SS: From where do you source your merchandise? Has your method of curating the store changed since its start? TA: I mainly procure my merchandise from industry insiders and local fashionistas. I have more access to higher end merchandise now than I did at the start. I’ve been doing this for 12+ years now; Initially I started buying from other consignment retailers and reselling online which lead to growth over the years. Word of mouth referrals haven’t hurt either!   SS: With your expansion to an online market, do you see a variance in what the clientele in different areas are buying ? TA: You can definitely tell the difference from place to place. San Francisco usually buys the more avant-garde and Japanese designers such as Issey Miyake. Customers in Texas buy the flashier items while customers in New York are surprisingly buy more basics! (Tania clued us in on the fact that flats actually do a bigger business among her New York customers.) SS: In your opinion, what makes consignment shopping special? TA: It’s the thrill of the find! You’re able to find really special pieces that may not have been available to you when they debuted one season. They’re almost like collectibles. You can get high quality at a fraction of the original cost. It’s an array of beautifully tailored clothes you can’t find at The Gap, but it’s being offered to you at those prices.   SS: It’s no secret  judging by the merchandise you sell that Resale Riches is a menagerie of luxe goods. What would you consider your five most coveted items currently for sale on SNOBSWAP? TA: 1.) The Christian Dior Mini Cannage bag in black patent leather 2.) A modern twist on the classic blazer from Doo Ri 3.) A rare Louis Vuitton Mahina white leather shoulder bag 4.) Always a classic: a black Chanel Quilted Bag 5.) Last but not least: to go with your Chanel purse, a chic LBD from Chanel   SS: How does your personal style and taste reflect in the store? TA: I’m a big fan of staples with a twist. I love the outrageous merchandise but I also love a good practical piece that will stand the test of time and remain a good closet statement. This is personal preference, but I love to keep the store stocked with high quality building blocks. If something crazy but extra special comes along, I’ll take it. It’s all a matter of having an eye for what sells and the experience you gain over time. Be sure to check out Resale Riches' fabulous array of goodies on SNOBSWAP!
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