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Industry + Insights / October 29, 2013 / Katie Flanagan
Welcoming our Newest Boutique Partner: Beverly Hills Consignment
Beverly Hills Consignment on SNOBSWAP Our never waning love for the thrill of "the hunt" and discovering  hidden and not-so-hidden consignment boutique gems has led us to our newest boutique partner, Beverly Hills Consignment (BHC). Located along a tree-lined avenue in the famous Beverly Hills, California, this boutique is in no shortage of hidden treasures at killer prices. As if the Hollywood glamour is not enough, Beverly Hills Consignment holds the utmost respect and attention to quality. Today we chat with one of the owners about her take on consignment and what fabulous finds Beverly Hills Consignment has to offer!   1.) SS: Where and when did your love/appreciation of consignment begin? Did you always want to open a retail store? What drew you to this industry? BHC: I became interested in the concept after consigning some of my own pieces. When I was able to turn the proceeds from those pieces into a 1994 Chanel Caviar       backpack, I was hooked. I admired the durability in comparison to bags from places like JCPenny [and the deals to be had]. I have always been enamored of boutiques and the ability to sense the mood and the curator’s expression from the moment you step in. I wanted to up the ante in every woman’s closet. Consignment offers unique pieces to build a collection; while fashion is dictated, style is chosen. Beverly Hills Consignment on SNOBSWAP   2.) SS: When did the store open? Pending the timing, have you seen a flux in the public’s appreciation for consignment shopping as time has gone on or was it always there? BHC: Beverly Hills Consignment started out as a one gal show in the basement of an apartment. Once I established an inventory I was able to bring the boutique online. The consignment industry is highly competitive for a reason. I think women are growing wiser about their finances and with the advent of the internet women are no longer subject strictly to choices in the mall. I see the benefits to buying consignment quite obvious. 3.) SS: Is consignment and the sale of second hand luxury goods a competitive market in Beverly Hills? Do you find more people in the area tend to seek out chain retailers or look to boutiques like BH Consignment? BHC: Beverly Hills is a giant boutique in and of itself. The closets of the women around here are beyond imagination; the ladies are all very intriguing which adds to my love for what I do. I’m surrounded by exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled design and exceptional talent-it’s a great energy to enjoy on a daily basis [and clearly a testimony to the volume of clientele that seek Beverly Hills consignment out!]   5.) SS: What types of items sell best in your store? What are the top 5 items you would want for yourself that are in-stock right now? BHC: People come to us from all over; not one particular designer sells better than others. What we sell best are mint condition, gently used garments. The top three item items I would choose for myself? Well… 1.) Classic Christian Louboutin Patent Pumps 2.) Gucci Hand-Beaded Stiletto Boots 3.) Vintage Chanel Ivory Blouse and Bermuda Shorts Suit   6.) Q: What markets do you hope to tap into in launching with SNOBSWAP? Where do you see yourself and the future of the company going? BHC: We’ve partnered with SNOBSWAP because of their unique approach to consignment and their rich potential. Through them we hope to tap into a market of even more women looking for wonderful things while maintaining their budget. Gearing up to join a vast global consignment market, the future for Beverly Hills Consignment is in bringing awareness to charitable causes via repurposing recyclable fabrics. We’re currently learning the potential uses for these fallen frocks and welcome outside ideas and submissions from the public at Be sure to check out this fabulous boutique on SNOBSWAP!
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