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Industry + Insights / June 11, 2013 / Vera Wen
What's the secret to selling designer clothing online? Great photos!
For all the fashionistas out there who want to turn your closets into cash, we have a tip! A killer set of photos will help maximize the potential of your item selling and guarantee a happy buyer. Now that’s a win-win! Our staff came up with a quick how to guide to get you started. Happy snapping!

 Girls taking photos


    • Always use natural light. Find a space near a big window or under a shade with no direct sunlight.
    • Avoid using flash as it overexposes the details on your item.


    • Take photos of your item against a simple white background. A busy background is distracting and will detract from your item.

Perspectives and details

    • Shoot the item on a mannequin, dress to impress on your self, or hanging up.
    • Take multiple photos. We recommend at least 5 from different angles such as front, side, back and close ups.
    • Zoom is your friend! Show interesting details such as embellishments, hardware and fabric.
    • Take photos of labels, tags and original packaging such dust bags, cases and authenticity cards (especially if the item is new!).
    • Capture any defects. Being up front and honest about the quality of your item guarantees a happy buyer!

Have fun with it

    • Refer to your favorite catalogs and magazines for inspiration. Channel your inner Mario Testino!
    • Use photos you would post on Facebook or Instagram. Put up pictures you are proud to share!

Photos from our site that get the SNOBSWAP stamp of approval!

Examples of great photos for clothing
Clothing: Front, Back, Close Up of Details, Original Tags
Examples of great photos of shoes
Shoes: Front, Side, Back, Soles
Examples of great photos of handbags
Handbag: Front, Back, Close Up of Details, Dust Bag & Authenticity Card, Interior
Examples of great photos of jewelry
Jewelry: Show Material and Details, Original Packaging
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