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Industry + Insights / June 20, 2013 / Vera Wen
Ask a Stylist: How do I dress for my 9 - 5?
We’ve teamed up with amazing tastemaker and fashion blogger, Elle from, to answer your every day fashion questions! Got a question? send us an email at: [email protected] or post the question on our Facebook wall. This week’s edition is how to wear those slinky silk pants without looking like you are ready for nap time. Thanks for reading! xo
Ask a stylist: Elle of
Q: I am always at a lost when choosing an outfit for work in the summer. How do I stay cool, look stylish and office appropriate at the same time?
Elle: Dressing for the office may seem like a challenging feat, especially with the summer’s heat getting in the way of your 3-piece suit. You want to look polished and professional without losing style all while being taken seriously, right? It’s not too hard of a challenge if you follow these rules, and depending on how lenient your office dress code is, you shouldn’t see it as too difficult of a challenge.
SNOBSWAP Stylist blog: Summer Work Chic
1. The jacket — If your work place is pretty conservative and they ask you to have your shoulders covered, no worries. Just opt for a lighter fabric such as linen, cotton, silk for the summer. These lighter weights won’t trap in the heat and it’ll let some air ventilate through. Another option is to wear a lightweight cardigan or bolero—these can be especially cute with skirts or dresses.
2. The underpinning — Keep your underpinning sleeveless to feel cooler in and out of the office!
3. Opt for flowy dresses — Flowy dresses are great for work because they look great, feel great, and with a blazer thrown on top you still look professional and work-appropriate. Then, when you go out for happy hour or dinner with your co-workers and/or friends, simply take that blazer off for a more dinner-appropriate look. If your workplace is on the casual side, choose dresses with a little sleeve and you can skip the blazer all together! Couldn’t be easier!
4. Keep your makeup minimal — Nobody likes talking to a cakey face, especially when the cake is dripping off your face. Tinted moisturizers, BB creams and CC creams are great for summer because it’s lightweight and you’ll look and feel lighter and not cakey. If you need a little extra coverage in certain areas, just go over it with concealer!
5. Keep your bags & shoes light, and your jewelry bright!
Hope this helps you dress for success! As always, tweet us your photos on Instagram and Twitter! @snobswap @ellegance
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