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Industry + Insights / April 11, 2013 / Alex Alves
What to Wear Thursday: Coachella
The anticipated music festival is in full swing. We know many of you have been counting down the days to Coachella and it's finally here (actually 2 more days!) WIth that said we know that you have been gathering your crochet, floral, fringe, and maybe even tie-dye but we've got the must-have items at the festival. This Alice + Olivia Wrap Dress is the neutral but chic look that will look great with the patterns and textures we will be recommending. A cross-body (notice we are specific with cross-body) bag is really important because one, you want to keep all you things in tact. Two, you want a bag that is not bothersome when you rock out with the different musical bands. So that is why this Suarez Alligator Tote is the perfect deal! When else can you pull out this Flower Crown Headband? You said it, at Coachella. It will most definitely look great with your L'oreal Ombre Haircolor hair, you can even be experimental and try different colors, whichever works for you! A must-have are these Ray Ban Sunglasses which are fun but also protective. You of course cannot forget your SPF and the weather will most likely be in the 90's (after all you are in the desert!) so you'd be a total buzz kill if you didn't have swimwear like this Zigzag Monokini. Last but not least these floral Marc Jacobs Espadrille Wedges will tie your entire Coachella outfit together which is certainly chic yet comfortable at the same time. A few musical acts we are looking forward to (just to name a few) Vampire Weekend, Janelle Monae, Grimes, and Passion Pit! We hope you have a fun time at Coachella!
1. Alice + Olivia Wrap Dress exclusively at SNOBSWAP
2. Suarez Alligator Tote exclusively at SNOBSWAP
3. Flower Crown Headband available at Urban Outfitters
4. L'oreal Ombre Haircolor available at Drug Stores
5. Ray Ban Sunglasses exclusively at SNOBSWAP
6. Zigzag Monokini available at Forever 21
7. Marc Jacobs Espadrille Wedges exclusively at SNOBSWAP
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