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Industry + Insights / April 22, 2013 / Julie
Ask a Stylist

We’ve teamed up with two amazing tastemakers and fashion bloggers, Elle from and Wesley from, to answer your every day fashion questions!   Got a question, send us an email at: [email protected] or post the question on our Facebook wall.  This week’s edition is what fashion trends are hot in Asia.  Thanks for reading! xo

Q: Can you give some style tips from Asia you saw?  What's trending there? How can we wear it here?

Elle:  I just recently got back from a trip to Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan and can I just say… my mind is blown! It’s amazing how everything from street fashion to high fashion to beauty trends to interior décor is all perfectly done to a T. I’m extremely excited to share some of the trends I spotted while abroad and I hope that we in the states will quickly catch on!

Women’s Fashion

In Seoul it is all about colorful prints. One particular trend I spotted and loved was colorful floral print pants and skirts. Yes, it’s here in the states as well, but it’s not as overly saturated as it was in Korea. The streets were basically filled with flowers. Also, I saw a lot of bright colored blazers and coats, especially in tweed. I love a great accent in my outfit! Just make sure when sporting these trends, you are pairing them with neutrals! Another trend I saw and loved was a lot of women and men wore their normal cute outfits and the shoes they paired these outfits were bright, neon sneakers! I’m talking Nike, New Balance, etc. I even saw men in suits with their bright sneakers. You may just want to start by pairing your skinny jeans with them—make sure you are rolling your jeans up to your ankles! :)

Now in Tokyo, they have a style that is completely their own. But one thing I noticed was that Japanese girls love to mix prints and textures. I saw tons of lace, florals, acid wash denim and bold prints and colors—and yes, they mix all of these together :)  For some reason, it just works when you’re in Tokyo.

Beauty Trends

In Asia, women focus heavily on skincare, something we need to pay more attention to here in the states. Their skin isn’t flawless because they are born that way… they nurture it with so much love and care. Whereas we may have a 2-3 step routine, their routine consists of about 10 steps! So what I noticed was their soft, supple, bright skin with a light pink or peach blush (no bronzer). Eyelash extensions are a must and a pop of color on your lip is what’s hot right now! Eye makeup is kept at a minimum.

Nail art is a huge, huge trend over in both Tokyo and Seoul. I would say Tokyo is the nail art capitol (as it’s always been) but Seoul closely follows. 3D gems and rhinestones, glitter, French/reversed French, hand-drawn designs and ombre (gradiation) are the most popular nail arts. More on the nail art trend at .

As for men’s fashion, I just noticed that many of their skinny jeans/leggings were tighter than mine. Let’s just leave it at that!

I know this was a long response, but there was just so much going on that I couldn’t wait to share! Hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to see your outfits inspired by this post via Instagram! Make sure you tag us @ellegance and @snobswap! :)



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