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Industry + Insights / March 04, 2013 / Julie
Editor's Top Picks

Spring is just around the corner and our team cannot wait to shed our puffy coats for the lighter, warmer days! This week's top picks are a few classics that will carry you into Spring.  A gorgeous white hot Balenciaga handbag, gold Tom Ford sunnies, silver YSL pumps, a royal blue Ali Ro dress and finally the epitome of classic pumps - Christian Louboutin Patent Simple pumps.  What are your favorite designer items on SNOBSWAP this week? xoxo

1. Balenciaga First Gris Handbag

2. Tom Ford Sunnies

3.  YSL Tribtoo Pumps

4. Ali Ro Royal Blue Dress

5. Christian Louboutin Patent Simple Pumps

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