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Industry + Insights / March 12, 2013 / Julie
Ask a Stylist with Elle and Wes
We’ve teamed up with two amazing tastemakers and fashion bloggers, Elle from and Wesley from, to answer your every day fashion questions!   Got a question, send us an email at: [email protected] or post the question on our Facebook wall. In this week’s edition, are there trends you're too old to wear to what to wear on a date from a dude's perspective...for a dude.  Happy reading! xo  Q:  "I'm almost 40 years old.  Are there some trends I can't wear anymore like wedge sneakers? What trends for Spring should I avoid and what trends should I try?" Elle: I don’t think your age should ever stop you from wearing a trend that you love. If you’re loving the wedge sneakers, rock them! Fashion is all about expressing your unique style and individuality so if you’re feeling a trend, try it! The key is to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. For the sneakers, trying a more subdued color such as nude, grey or black may ease you in to the trend slightly more confidently than a bright lime green, pink or purple would. But again, it’s all about your own style!  A personal fave of mine are these black Jimmy Choos. :) Spring trends you can wear at any age are pastels, black & white, florals, and lace (to name a few). In my latest blog post, I kicked off the Black + White series – this is definitely a trend that anyone can wear. There is nothing more classic than black and white! Shop Spring Trends at SNOBSWAP: PASTELS: Try a lime colored handbag to add some sweetness to your look. BLACK+WHITE: Love this DVF dress! RUFFLES: Stand out in this cute dress! FLORALS: On your feet? Why not? LACE: This D&G Skirt is black + white AND lace – kill two birds with one stone! Whether you’re feeling metallic nails, color blocked shoes, or sheer mesh insets, my advice to you is give it a try! You never know what you may fall in love with until you try. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and you move on. But in the end, this is your life and no person or age should stop you from living it the way you want! ;) xoxo, Elle   Q: Help! Going on a blind date this Thursday and no idea what to wear.  I think we're going to drinks but maybe dinner after if things go well.  What says laid back, fun, sexy but not too sexy?" Wes:  For men, this is pretty easy depending on what your taste in a partner is.  Good rule of thumb is to find out what your date's style is and dress somewhat accordingly.  Granted, if they have a rocker style, and you're preppy, don't go out and buy a leather jacket.  You'll be out of your zone, you'll feel very uncomfortable, and they'll be able to tell.  No good can come of not being yourself. What to wear also depends on where you're going. Bar? Nice dinner? Walk around town/the city? Again, dress accordingly with the notion of being overdressed is better than underdressed.  Do not wear a suit, no matter what. You cant go wrong with what's safe: tailored dark denim and a nice button-up shirt. No crazy patterns. As far as how many buttons you leave undone, this is a safe scale:  Top button = Always (unless wearing a tie, of course)  Top two buttons = Sometimes. Three buttons = Never (unless your name is Tom Ford).  Blind dates can be nerve-racking, so if you tend to sweat a lot, wear an undershirt, and keep it covered.  Having a white t-shirt peeking out looks cheap and tacky.  V-necks are preferred for this reason. If it's a little cold out, wear your button-up a nice v-neck sweater (cashmere typically provokes touching) or a suit jacket or blazer. Don't wear a technical jacket unless it's in-climate weather.  This is a good rule, date or no-date, for that matter. Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt that matches a nice pair of shoes that aren't scuffed. In other words, look polished. If you're going out with a woman, she WILL look at your shoes. Trust me. So, make sure they're up to snuff.  And no square toed shoes! Good luck!

What I recommend:

Gucci loafers

Camper Desert Boots

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