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Industry + Insights / February 14, 2013 / Alex Alves
WWT: Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is here, however it lands on a Thursday, which means it may be difficult to go back and forth from work to home to dinner plans with your significant other. In this What to Wear Thursday, Valentine's Day edition, we've compiled an outfit that is appropriate for the office that you can take to your romantic Valentine getaway. Of course we want to look all festive but not overdo it that's why we went with this Marc Jacobs Chiffon Top which will go well tucked underneath this Grey pencil skirt keeping it outfit neutral. But of course to go over your top, might we suggest this bright red Kate Spade Cardigan. Just spice the sophistication up with a little bit of sexiness, these gorgeous Brian Atwood Pumps will go well with the outfit! To continue to keep your outfit balanced and neutral, this Jimmy Choo Clutch will hold all the necessary belongings you need (including the soft toned red lipstick of yours!) And of course Valentine's day calls for some formal accessories like these Chanel Pearl Studs that will draw the perfect attention to your beautiful face. We understand that it's a work day, but don't sweat it, we got you covered! Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO
2. Grey pencil skirt (Exclusively on SNOBSWAP)
3. Kate Spade Red Cardigan (Exclusively on SNOBSWAP)
4. Brian Atwood Pumps (Exclusively on SNOBSWAP)
5. Jimmy Choo Clutch (Exclusively on SNOBSWAP)
6. Chanel Pearl Studs (Exclusively on SNOBSWAP)
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