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Industry + Insights / February 05, 2013 / Julie
Ask a Stylist With Elle and Wesley
We are thrilled to launch a new Tuesday series today.   We've teamed up with two amazing tastemakers and fashion bloggers, Elle from and Wesley from, to answer your every day fashion questions!   Got a question, send us an email at: [email protected].  Now without much further ado, here are two questions we've received from our lucky readers! xoxo Q: I really like the oxblood trend but not sure what to wear it with.  Are there certain colors that go with this color? Elle: I love this trend! In the fall, I started collecting so many pieces in this color without even realizing how much it started dominating my wardrobe! I saw the oxblood/burgundy hues as a great alternative to black, and when you think of it that way, it’s actually very easy to wear. Don’t be intimidated by adding color to your wardrobe. You can substitute this color for some of the black in your closet or even pair it with black for a sleek, refined, city look. Some tips on how to wear the oxblood trend: 1. Skinny jeans: colored denim is on point, especially in this color. Pair it with something as simple as a black top to have a subtle, sleek look. Or flirt with the color by pairing it with a blush top, such as this look here. White is a great contrast to oxblood, and a surprisingly great contrasting color is kelly green! 2. Add a print: a simple leopard scarf can do wonders for a simple outfit in this hue.  Pair these fun, leopard print heels with your oxblood dress, skirt or skinny jeans.

3. Add texture: Adding different textures can change up the vibe of any look. I wore my fave faux fur vest with burgundy skinny jeans and it instantly added glamour to the look (see the look here). I’m sure if you added sequins to the pants it would add a playful vibe whereas lace would give it more of a romantic feel.  The perfect pairing is soft neutral colors will balance out the oxblood co lor and the fur will add a pretty, sophisticated touch to the look!

4. Gold accents: when in doubt, adding a touch of gold always does the trick for me, and in this case it’s not any different! (See here). Contrast dark with light.

All in all, have fun with it! Experiment with different colors, textures and accessories! And most importantly, if you’re breaking out of your comfort zone with any trend, wear it with confidence.

xo, Elle Q:   I wear the same shoes to work - black, square toe shoes.  What's a better alternative for men for a casual business environment? 
Wesley: I'll start by saying if your only pair of dress shoes have a square toe, it's time to get a new pair of dress shoes.  Kenneth Cole has made a killing with square toes since the '90s, but that's the problem...they' belong in the 90s.  Not to be a grouch about it all, but I'll admit, I hate the idea of business casual.  It basically means "let's act like grown-ups by not wearing hoodies to work, but I'm too lazy to actually wear a suit."  Kind of a cop-out in my humble opinion.  I digress.  Your best alternative is going to be a loafer of some kind.  Something sleek, and not too shiny.  Definitely go with a rounded toe, and by all means, stay away from tassels. Also, a great shoe that can pair down with denim and a polo or even a t-shirt, would be a suede driving shoe.  If you're gonna splurge, Tod's makes the best.  Otherwise, Banana Republic usually has good-looking drivers.  I'd stick with a neutral color like tan, or gray if you can find it.  They'll go with everything.
Here are a few more options:
To read more about Elle, visit  For more on Wes, visit
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