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Industry + Insights / December 12, 2012 / Elise Whang
Introducing our new premier partner, Byrd Style Lounge!

We are beyond thrilled to partner with the best-kept secret in the mid-west, Byrd Style Lounge.  Byrd Style Lounge is a treasure trove of designer pieces, earning rave reviews for carrying hard-to-find labels and on-trend handbags, shoes, dresses, and more.  Founded by the gorgeous St. Louis native, Julie Stotlar, her vision to create the ultimate shopping destination, bringing together fashion, music, art and people.  Leveraging her deep experience in fashion, a designer for Perry Ellis, a MTV stylist and finally, a denim expert at Gap, Julie was able to bring the best designer apparel and accessories to St. Louis.

Lucky for our members, Julie is opening up Byrd Style Lounge on SNOBSWAP!  Shop their amazing closet on SNOBSWAP including must-have labels like Chanel, YSL, Christian Louboutin, and more. Read more about Julie and Byrd Style Lounge below!

1.    Hailing from Miami, what was your inspiration to open Byrd Style Lounge in St. Louis?  What sets you apart from other boutiques in the Mid-West?

I've had the privilege to shop in some on the most amazing places in the world and experience service thats really unparalleled. I wanted this level of Luxury, Service, and overall shopping experience to be attainable for everyone and I wanted to make it the rule of shopping and not the exception. Our Montra is Fashion, Art, Music, and People...And everything we do at The Byrd comes from this seed level. From the Music you hear while getting your personal style consult, to the Rose Water scent that fills the air as you flip though our latest collections. Our Clients who we have stellar personal relationships with come to us not only because of our knowledge of the industry, but because of the quality and condition of the pieces that we offer. They feel that once they have crossed our threshold they have been transported from the streets of the Modest Midwest to the Couture showrooms in New York or even Paris. Our store has been compared to an art gallery (with the art changing quarterly on our walls) but without the art gallery attitude.  Our clients including the clients we have cultivated from coast to coast, feel a since of luxury, ownership, and warmth that isn't yet found anywhere in the Midwest. In short we're not merely selling clothes, handbags, or shoes, we're providing a lifestyle, and an atmosphere which makes everyone feel Bougie without having to blow their budget.


2.    What types of delicious designer gems does Byrd offer? 

We're extremely lucky to have relationships with some amazing sources including vendors who have leads on bounced boxes, or stores that have closed, as well as privet clients who have outstanding taste and have the closetes to prove it. Through these close knit relationships, we are able to secure The Latest Chanel Bags, Hermes Scarves and Belts, Louboutins, Choo, and Atwood are of course among our client's favorite shoes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci are friendly faces at Byrd. But my personal favorites are YSL and Tom Ford.....    

3.    How would you describe Byrd Style Lounge’s personality?

If Anna Wintour and Chelsea Handler had a love Child, it would be named Byrd! Even though we offer an aspirational experience, our style is still attainable. We're 3 parts Stylelista and 1 part Naughty with a splash of Vodka! Our style is Classic Chic, and fashion forward without being un-wearable.  Everyone who leaves our store regardless of age, taste level, or budget is a sexy Sophia Lauren with their hair blowing in the wind and bigger than big sunglasses and she says "Frankly My Dear I don't Give a Damn" to everyone who stands in her way.  

4.    Who did you have in mind when you created your store?

When the store was in it's inception, I wanted it to reflect my time in Miami, London, and Paris. I wanted it to be a place where if he were straight...Tom Ford would send his Uber Glam Girlfriend to shop. BUT with that being said I wanted it to be an approchable place where all my clients and potential clients felt like Tom Ford's Girlfriend! I think every female no matter what walk of life, what social class, or what taste level should feel like they have dated Tom Ford at one t

ime in their everyone deserves to feel special, and luxurious.

5.    How would you describe the St. Louis fashion scene?

The "scene" in The Lou is very interesting. We are a huge small city, with many celebrities who hale from the STL who greatly influence our fashion. This makes it more reachable instead of fashion just being what goes on in Chicago or New York. Karlie Kloss is still very much the "little girl" that we all know her to be, but when you open the latest Vogue and she's splashed across every glossy ad, it now makes those fashion attainable. When you see her larger than life walking the VS fashion show and then bump into her eating at Posh Nosh, people realize that the Lou is a part of the "high" fashion world. 

When your having a drink with Friends at Napoli and Andy Cohen or Derek Blasberg bumps into you it makes the fashion world seem a little smaller. 

We have a great untapped and underestimated art and culture scene here that's really rich with support from the Socialites and Celebrities who were born and raised here. 

Are we still learning? Yes, but we're getting there! 

6.    Chloe is by far the cutest sales associate we have ever met. What does she do in the store?

Chloe is a totally posh PR Pig. She's an expert in customer service, when she's not tweeting or blogging about whats going down at the Byrd, she helping our clients pick out shoes which is her favoriate product category! Chloe loves to rub elbows with our clients both at our monthly Social Club events and of course during regular shopping hours. She also acts as the house security and isn't shy about hopping into clients handbags to be sure everything is kosher!   


7.    What are your top five fave pieces that Byrd is offering for sale on SNOBSWAP? 

I'm in love with the Dior Samurai Limited Edition Bag its by far my fave peice that we have. It's a very sought after bag, that only real couture bag lovers appreciate. It's more of a piece of art that should be displayed rather than a handbag.   

The Chanel Patent Black and White Mary Janes are straight off the runway and are a great find and are practically new shoes!

The Pucci "Stain Glass" Booties are to die for! Our client bought them right before she had foot surgery and then couldn't wear them! They are so crazy yummy that the Byrd girls were disappointed that none of them could fit into them! And Thank GOD because we would have had a nasty fight on our hands!

The Dior Couture Velvet Dress was handmade for one of our consigners in the mid 1980's while she was living in Paris. The Dress is an actual piece of history because she wore it when she was a personal guest of President Obama's at his first inauguration.

The Marc Marc Jacobs Coat with the Coyote fur trim is pretty bossy as well! Fur has been trending in a big way for the past few seasons and if you don't want to be a beast from head to toe, this coat has the perfect amount of roar! And it's super toasty too!  

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