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Industry + Insights / November 01, 2012 / Alex Alves
What to Wear Thursdays: Vote in Style
It's that time of the year again or shall we say every other year when we pull out our ballots to vote for those in office as well as propositions that we are in favor of. Of course it is vital to have our say in what we want for our future. However, choosing an outfit that makes the right statement will help boost your confidence in making a keen decision.
Speaking of statement, one statement piece is this Cara Silver & Gunmental statement necklace which is most definitely the perfect shine around your neck. Remember, you want to show your pride for America. One way in doing so is with this round neck Chanel Cashmere Sweater which will compliment the necklace. On the other hand, these AG Adriano Blue Skinny Corduroy pants will look great with your semi-stripe and red top which will complete the colors of the flag. Of course you need a coat to keep you warm in this Fall weather. Why not go with a classic brown Burberry Silk Trench Coat, not to mention it is completely comfortable and professional at the same time. Tying your outfit together with this Michael Kors Signature Monogram tote bag will help in stuffing those flyers and/or booklets that you might need to refer back to when in the voting booth. Lastly, you can't go wrong a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that will complete your "Voting in Style" outfit!
1. Cara Silver & Gunmetal statement necklace, exclusively on SNOBSWAP
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