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Industry + Insights / November 06, 2012 / Elise Whang
Introducing Our Newest Premier Partner, Chic to Chic!
We are excited to unveil all the designer goodies offered by our newest premier store partner, Chic to Chic, is offering to SNOBSWAP members!  You will have access to luxury labels including Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more for up to 70% of the retail price.  Chic to Chic has been named one of the best upscale consignment stores on the East Coast and now you can shop it 24-7 on SNOBSWAP.  Check out the Chic to Chic closet here!

  1. What was your inspiration to open Chic to Chic and its little sister store, So Tres Chic & Tan? Tell us what kind of designer gems your stores offer? Growing up in New York City, I fell in LOVE with fashion from as early as I can remember and knew that that was the path that I was going to follow!  One of my earliest memories was when I had $5.00 and there was a HUGE $1 sale at a local shoe store - I promptly purchased FIVE pair of shoes with my $5.00 (yes, that was a LONG time ago :)   My world offers a FABULOUS way to LOOK GREAT save/make money, while going green, recycling and fulfilling the thrill of the TREASURE HUNT! We are always trying to better our customers' experience and provide them with the perfect pieces for their wardrobe. Having been in men's retail for seventeen years, then quitting to go back to college to obtain my Bachelor's Degree (from the University of Maryland) gave me the courage and foundation to open Chic to Chic two weeks after graduating in 1997.  By opening So Tres Chic & Tan, we were able to provide a little bit more trendy and contemporary merchandise such as DVF, Vince, Milly, 3 dot, Velvet and Marc Jacobs in a fun environment. If you can't find what you are looking for at Chic to Chic this gives another opportunity for you to find the perfect items. We also are HUGE proponents of sunless tanning. We have a brand new state of the art Mystic Tan Sunless Spray Tan Machine at So Tres Chic & Tan to give you that Sun-Kissed Glow without the harmful UV rays. Shop AND tan. What more could you want? 2. What are some consignment shopping tips to scoring on designer items?  The trick to consignment shopping is persistence! We are constantly getting new things in and the selling floor can dramatically change from week to week. You have to keep checking, you never know when your ultimate designer item(s) might show up! 3. What three things are you most proud of about your stores?  Oh gosh where to begin? I think I would have to say I am most proud of the standards we keep for items we take in and the effort we take in providing 100% authenticity. With over 15 years experience we know fake from real. I am also proud of the strong work ethic of the whole Chic team and the family environment we have created here. Once a Chic Girl ALWAYS a Chic Girl! 4. What is your secret to success? As cheesy as it sounds never give up on your goals and dreams!!  I know from personal experience you will hit roadblocks and success doesn't happen overnight. Nothing comes easy. But if you work hard and believe in your mission and most importantly yourself nothing will stand in your way. 5. What are your five favorite pieces that Chic to Chic is offering on SNOBSWAP? I am a hardcore Chanel fan. So typically ANYTHING Chanel I'm in LOVE with  - that's my favorite, hands down. Even one of my Shih Tzu's is named Coco!!  I also really like the cheetah print Prada handbag. It is to die for, and it is cheetah print. Cheetah print can do no wrong in my book.  
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