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Industry + Insights / October 17, 2012 / Julie
Featuring Mira Musank of fafafoom!
We are so excited today to feature Mira Musank, the brains and talent behind  Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Mira blogs daily on topics from fashion shows to DIY tips to her own personal style.  Talented and with a great eye for style, Mira inspires her readers with invaluable style tips and exclusive interviews with fashion's upcoming designers.  Her DIY blogs are easy to follow and her latest DIY blog on feather hair accessories will inspire your inner Martha Stewart.  Read more about Mira below!
1.  What inspired you to start your blog fafafoom? started quite incidentally, I must say. When I first visited San Francisco in 2007, I went to Academy of Art University's Graduate Student Fashion Show on a weekend. My ex-boyfriend (now husband) was also there and I made him take pictures of each and every look :) I was really impressed with the level of fashion talents San Francisco has and I had the sudden urge to make a detailed blog post about it. Slowly but surely, I made similar blog posts and it just slowly rolled from there. The fashion reviews section was born, closely followed by my DIY projects. I write with the main purpose of sharing what inspires me fashionably in San Francisco Bay Area (be it fashion, great product design, inspiring people) and I am humbled that people like what they see and read on It has opened a whole new adventure in my life and I'm really thankful for the continuing support.

2.  You recently featured two designers for SFFW. What were some of your favorite local designers and why? San Francisco Bay Area has no shortage of fashion talents. There are a great deal of designers here that I really want to feature on, simply because I find their work amazing.
However, my personal style has been the boyish, menswear-inspired look; pieces that are clean, functional, sometimes off-beat, understated yet have a clear point of view. I have many favorite local designers that easily caters to my preference: Harputs OWN jacket and blazer are great for work and play, I want to own at least a piece from Camelia Skikos and Elena Slivnyak for that futuristic, science fiction fantasy come to life piece (I'm a PlayStation RPG player addict, by the way). Ken Chen also have amazing coats, Wen Guo's Boditecture allows you to own multiple looks from one piece of garment....I can go on and on!
3.  What is the one designer item you cannot live without? I like traveling light yet functional and fashionable, so I have to say Longchamp's Le Pliage large in black. New York, Paris, Vegas, Utah.....bring it on!
4.  How would you describe San Francisco's fashion scene.
It's very lively; people in the industry know each other, but they're very open to open their circle to newcomers. From my observations, even though sometimes there are unnecessary drama, there are a great deal of fashion designers, production houses, models, stylists (among others) who are determined to work hard, have professional attitude, and furiously help each other to make it in the business. Moreover, the blend of fashion talents with tech geniuses coming together to form start-up ideas and foster entrepreneurship is just so fantastic. It's hard for me to get bored with San Francisco fashion scene. These people are so's very inspiring, you know?
5.  What are your favorite places to shop in SF?
My newest obsession is Ruti Boutique in Fillmore! I also LOVE Japantown's New People, Uniqlo at SF downtown (finally it opens after I fell in love with the brand back in 2005), ISDA and Co. at South Park, and Gimme Shoes at Hayes St. But H&M and Target are also great to browse from time to time :)
6.  What are you favorite items on SNOBSWAP and how would you wear them in an outfit?
SNOBSWAP has so many amazing listings, my wallet's in danger! But this Alice + Olivia Diagonal Stripe Dress caught my attention because there's just so many ways to wear it.
Wearing it just like the listing picture (with black flats) is good, but when if the weather's a little bit breezy, I'd add on a black maxi cardigan, a scarf, and navi-colored tights. I'd also totally pair this with a black vest, opaque colored tights and a pair of bright-colored booties. Or how about wearing this casual; throw on a light hoodie sweater and layer a sleeveless blazer over it, plus an over-the-knee ribbed wool socks and knee-high flat boots?
Or go classic with a deep navy classic peacoat and scarf, a small red messenger purse, a cashmere beret, wool black tights and black mary jane pumps? The options are endless.
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