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Industry + Insights / September 12, 2012 / Julie
Featuring the ultimate men's designer, Chris Jordan!

We are beyond thrilled to feature the very talented men's designer, Chris Jordan.  Chris is the brains and vision behind a very prominent menswear brand, known for its innovative, hip urban style.  Hailing from the South and now a true New Yorker, he is a blend of amazing talent, a great eye, rockin' style, and the epitome of a southern gentleman.  Oh and did we mention, he can croon Stevie Wonder like no other?  Read more about Chris' passion, style, and  fave New York stores below!

  1. How would you describe your style?  What is your signature style/look? I would describe my style as a bit of heritage Americana combined with a modern street twist. I usually display this in the form of a very bright trainer (sneakers usually of the Nike origin) against a nice pair of selvedge jeans and plaid or chambray button down shirt.  2. What do you enjoy most about designing menswear? What do you love about your job? I most definitely love the entire creative process from concept to final garment. The idea of taking something from a singular idea to carry across an entire collection is a most rewarding process. I of course also enjoy the world traveling aspect of our job as we get to visit so many great cities around the world to gain inspiration and a better trend knowledge that will help us out with future collections. 3. When you're putting your pen to paper, is there a particular man you're designing for? We of course have a target consumer that we design for but we also like to push the boundaries of what he feels his fashion identity is. As most companies our target consumer has a very specific fashion sense but progression within our brand is always our goal so we have to continue introducing new silhouettes and cutting edge fabrics to his wardrobe so he doesn’t become stagnant within the trends. 4. With all the buzz around NYFW, what trends are you excited about?  I wouldn’t say I am excited about any one trend as I feel fashion week exposes the idea of multiple trends at the same time. You can take so many different applications from each collection shown and push it into your own trend for the upcoming season. 5. Where are your favorite places to shop? Any hidden treasures in NYC? Of course I love shopping in cities such as Paris, London, L.A. and Montreal but when I can't get away NYC definitely provides me with some great store visits. My favorites shopping experiences in the city are @ stores such as Barneys, Jeffrey's, Levis Meatpacking and Margiela. 6. We know you love SNOBSWAP, so what are your top 3 picks? I like the Paul Smith Tahiti boat shoes, the Hickey-Freeman alpaca/wool sport coat and the this olive green belt.

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