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Industry + Insights / September 25, 2012 / Elise Whang
Featuring Singer/Songwriter/Actor, Tara Macri!
We're so excited to feature singer, songwriter and actress, Tara Macri!  Tara is a multi-talented and beautiful artist, based in Los Angeles but hails from Toronto and has just released her first song, Strawberry Moon this summer.  Tara stopped by to share with our readers her inspiration, favorite picks on SNOBSWAP and more!  
1. Describe your style philosophy.
Jeans and tshirt for sure! Also, I love my lulu lemon gear:)  To be as comfortable as possible is really important to me!
2. Describe your music. My music is little bit of pop, little bit of rock and little bit of R&B. In early July I released my first single called Strawberry Moon and I am really excited about it because my fans can actually download a free copy song when they like my facebook page! 3. Where do you find your inspiration for your music and style? I find inspiration for my music in everything especially in what ever is going on in my life at the time. As far as my style goes, I look to websites like SNOBSWAP for instant style inspiration!  4. What items in your closet are you obsessed with right now?  My Fiorentini and Baker boots...I dreamt about them!! Seriously not even joking... 
5. What are your favorite fall pieces on SNOBSWAP?
You can follow Tara Macri on twitter at @TaraMacri
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