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Industry + Insights / September 19, 2012 / Screaming Mouth
Featuring Screaming Mouth on NYFW for Men’s Designers

Written by:  Screaming Mouth


There weren't many menswear shows this year at Fashion Week, however among my favorites was Antonio Azzuolo's. Only his 5th collection shown, Azzuolo displayed a lot of amazing pieces, including his playful interpretations of vests, and shorter, squared-off hems along the base of his jackets.  The show was certainly far from boring.

Dimensions varied, as did the patterns, and even though these looks were completely styled for a runway show (multiple pants worn at once isn't exactly how most of us get dressed in the morning), individually, I thought much of it was fantastic. Personally, I thought the use of female models was an interesting touch that I rather enjoyed, even though I typically like menswear for men's sake.  The white shorts were great, both in their cut and color, as lighter hues are fit for the season.

With the variances in silhouette, and the obvious athletic footwear, it's fair to say this collection was quite versatile, and again, when worn as separates, it makes for a very easy collection to find its way into your wardrobe.


Frank Muytjens leads J.Crew's menswear, and his collections only open the door to endless possibilities for style. A couple of days ago, his latest collection at Fashion Week for Spring 2013 illustrated just how consistent J.Crew is with their product assortment sparking "want lists" amongst the masses.

The color blocking was fantastic, and the Ludlow silhouettes, effectively, put on a clinic for suiting and how versatile they can be. The only pitfall to the Ludlow suits, to me, are the arm holes still aren't cut quite high enough. I believe J.Crew got it right within the Ludlow haberdashery, but the suits still need to be nipped a tad higher for a truly seamless fit.

Other highlights for me were the suede bucks with shorts and the very of-the-moment styling of the rolled trousers, as going "sockless" seems it's here to stay - something I fancy, myself. The collection actually makes me wish winter would go by faster, which is rare, since I love layering and have such a strong affinity for, a tipped cap to a job well done.

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