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Industry + Insights / August 16, 2012 / Vanessa Castro
What to Wear Thursdays: East Village Afternoon
The East Village might be rough around the edges, but the art galleries and chic little boutiques inspire great style. The young artists in New York aren't afraid of wearing clashing prints, textures and designers, but it may be hard for those who don't have that spark of creativity. Here's a mini tutorial on looking East Village chic.
You can start off with a great printed shift dress, like this Surface to Air frock with an abstract print. The art galleries will be a little chilly, so why not cover up with a creme military jacket? This Phillip Lim jacket has a classic color palette, but is funky in it's cut and style! You're going to need a purse to keep your camera inside of, and we say that this Valentino fur purse does just the job. The textile is unexpected, but looks undeniably New York chic. Of course, no stylish outfit is complete without some Prada. We paired this look with our Prada Rope Knot heels, for a sexy, but unexpected, look. So what did we learn today ladies? One, don't be afraid to wear unexpected materials like fur, rope and silk all together in one outfit. Two, opt for items with a more creative cut, but still have a classic twist to make it forever relevant. Three, when in doubt: PRADA.
  1. Surface to Air Shift Dress, $200, exclusively at SNOBSWAP
  2. Phillip Lim Military Jacket, $500, exclusively at SNOBSWAP
  3. Valentino Fur Purse, $1,995, exclusively at  SNOBSWAP
  4. Prada Rope Knot Heels, $162, exclusively at  SNOBSWAP
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