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Industry + Insights / June 28, 2012 / Alexis Poindexter-Jenkins
What to Wear Thursdays: Take Me Away...

We have all seen it or dare I say have done it ourselves. I am talking about the woman who is wearing a matching velvet or terry cloth tracksuit, some type of furry boots, obnoxiously large sunglasses, an unorganized purse and a messy up-do. We have all done some type of variation of this unfortunate but oh so common “Airplane Look”. When did comfort run style out of town? Can they not live in peaceful co-existence?

Well with some helpful tips from SNOBSWAP, you will never have to trade style for comfort or vice versa again… at least when it comes to the airport. Layering is the name of the game when it comes to traveling so start of with something simple like this James Perse T-shirt, comfortable and breathable but the u-neckline adds a little spice to this basic. Layer over the shirt an oversized cardigan, like this BCBG oversized cardigan in a fun color exclusively on SNOBSWAP that can easily be taken off or put on. Do not forget a scarf either because sometimes all you may need is a little neck warmth. Only on SNOBSWAP is where you will find this beautiful Pashmina scarf that will hug you all through your flight.

Now for the bottom half this is where many oh so fashionable people fall astray and go for the yoga pant…STEP BACK! Throw on a pair of J Brand super stretchy dark wash skinny jeans instead, they are super flattering and the stretch denim allows for even more comfort so you can leave those yoga pants in your suitcase or better yet at home. Only on SNOBSWAP is where you will find these Prada knee high boots that pull the look together. They elongate your legs and because it has a low and wider heel, they add more support to your feet. Most importantly, they can be easily slipped on and off during your flight and have enough space so you can wear your fuzzy socks! Top off this look with this Gucci leather bag exclusively on SNOBSWAP, that has plenty of room for your passport, wallet, sunglasses, phone and all of your TSA approved liquids! Happy travels everyone!!

Take Me Away...

1. BCBG Green Oversized Cardigan, $46 (exclusively at

2. James Perse T-shirt, $50 (available at

3. Pashmina Scarf, $37 (exclusively at

4. Prada Knee-High Leather Boots, $237 (exclusively at

5. J Brand Skinny Jeans, $180 (available at

6. Gucci Leather Hobo, $926 (exclusively at

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