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Industry + Insights / June 20, 2012 / Julie
Featuring Screaming Mouth, Wes Smith!

We are so excited to feature our dear friend, Wes Smith from the fashion and lifestyle blog, the Screaming Mouth!  Wes is one of a kind, a super talented blogger with a keen eye for men's fashion and rising star in the fashion industry.  We had the chance to ask Wes six of our most pressing questions in this week's feature!

Read on for style tips for both the gents and the ladies, his two cents on who inspires him in fashion, and finally a sneak peek at what's next for this fashion wunderkind.

1. Who is your style inspiration?

As far as brands go, I'd include the following but they're certainly not limited to: Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Johan Lindeberg, J.Crew, as well as the the surf, bike and golf industries,  mainly because those are my favorite hobbies. 

2. What is it like being a straight man in the fashion world?

HA! I'd say it's pretty perfect, actually!  ;)  It's always cool to witness a girl's reaction when she realizes I'm straight. Obviously this usually happens with girls from here in the US because other countries are known for wearing more tailored clothing and take risks with their clothes and color. Guys will often think I'm gay, but then once I open my mouth, they realize how much of a guy's guy I am, as well.  When women realize I'm straight, they end up wanting to talk to me about fashion all the time which is great - to say I'm passionate about the industry would be an understatement. I can talk about it all day. 3. What are some easy style tips that every man can do?  1.  Shop according to your shape - that doesn't just go for your body, it includes your head/face, as well, for things like eyewear and collar shape/size, which most men don't even consider.  If you need help, ask a sales associate. When in the right stores, they'll have the knowledge to help. That's what they're there for. 2. There's a time and a place for everything. Don't wear something for the solitary reason of standing out. You'll look like a jerk. That said, my second tip is to take a risk every once in a while. Wear something you may not ordinarily wear.  It could be a color, a pattern, or just the way you roll your shirt's sleeves or pant cuffs. 3. Only wear one "statement piece." A statement piece could be a watch, piece of jewelry, your shoes, jacket, etc.  Just don't go nuts...especially with patterns. 4. Have a signature fragrance. I've been wearing Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for the better part of 15 years. 5. Buy less, buy better. In other words, buy things that will last. There's no substitute for quality. SNOBSWAP's featured products fall directly in line with these types of products which is a great start. 6. Have fun, don't dress like everyone else, be yourself, and never wear pleated pants...unless they're part of a Halloween costume.

Here are some of Wes' favorite pieces from SNOBSWAP:

4. Finish this sentence...the perfect outfit on a woman would be _________.
Whatever makes you feel like a million bucks. I know that may sound like a cop-out, but I firmly believe you only look as good as you feel.  However, without copping out, I love two looks on a woman. A form-fitted t-shirt (or layered tank tops) and jeans, because there's no substitute for natural beauty, and a "little black dress" and some sexy heels...that never fails. 5. At what point did you know you had a passion for fashion? There wasn't really one point, specifically.  My interest has grown.  If you ask my mom, she'd probably tell you that I've always been into clothes.  I was wearing Polo in kindergarden. I had the WASP look down!  But really, I'll say when I was at boarding school. And I have Kate Graper to thank for introducing me to high fashion - ie. Neiman Marcus and Gucci, specifically. 6. What's next for you? Man, a lot! Blog-related, I'd say just getting back into the habit of blogging every week. I've kind of been slacking lately due to my recent move to San Diego, so I've been busy exploring the city and surfing which has been awesome. Aside from that, I may or may not be releasing a couple of products under a pseudo-eponymous label. I'll keep you posted.  ;) Thanks SNOBSWAP!  

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