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Industry + Insights / June 27, 2012 / Julie
Featuring Let It Be Beautiful, Ashlyn Williams!
We are absolutely thrilled to feature Ashlyn Williams, the beauty, brains, and heart behind Let It Be Beautiful Blog.  Ashlyn is the multi-talented blogger who inspires her readers with design, style and all things pretty daily and is currently in school to become a PA and to top it off, a designer that prettifies (new word of the day!) blogs.  We are so excited to have her stop by SNOBSWAP and share with us a glimpse of her charmed life, some summer date night style tips, and her ever-evolving style that keeps her readers coming back for more!
Hi all you snobswappers! My name is Ashlyn & I am the writer behind Let It Be Beautiful Blog.  I am beyond excited to be featured here on Snob Swap by sharing my perfect summer date night outfit & a little more about me! I hope you get the chance to stop by & say hi, I would love to get to know you! xxA
1. How would you describe your style? And more importantly, how do you find all those amazing pieces and pull such a cute outfits together?
This is actually rather difficult question to answer because my style has changed so much in the last six months.  My wardrobe use to consist of a lot of neutrals with a touch of color here & there.  I was never the girl to wear colored jeans or even skinnies for that matter.  & you would never catch with with any other color on my nails other than pink or red, & now I wear just about any color nail polish & own probably over 100 bottles, obsessive I think so. & I have more colored jeans than any girl knows what to do with. So I guess you could consider my style a work in progress, because I will now wear just about anything that I feel comfortable in. & feeling comfortable is the most important thing!
Now when I am putting together an outfit sometimes no thought goes into it at all & other times I stress over it! Sometimes, actually alot of the time I use pinterest as my inspiration. You can get some great ideas & you can find colors that go together that you would never think of! So if you are ever having trouble putting together colors that you own, you can count on pinterest!
2. What would be your ideal weekend?
My ideal weekend would be spent with my better half, Nicholas. Since I started school a little over a year and a half ago weekends together are not exactly something that we get to enjoy since he works weekends & I live three hours away in Norfolk VA. But a perfect weekend would be spent spending Saturday morning sleeping in with breakfast in bed followed by an afternoon at the driving range drinking mich ultras with lime & laughing til my stomach hurt. That night, I would get all dolled up in the perfect summer outfit & we would go to our favorite Italian restaurant in the city, Piccolo, which would include a tasty bottle of red wine, a cannoli, & hours of talking about whatever comes to mind. Sunday would be spent relaxing at the house doing absolutely nothing but eating homemade pancakes & being cuddled up in our pjs & watching our favorite tv shows! Hope this kind of weekend is in my near future! ha
3. What are your best kept secrets in DC area - What are your favorite shops / boutiques / consignment shops in the city? Best coffee? Best yogurt? Best happy hour?
I am actually not too familiar with all the ins-&-outs in DC, since I dont exactly live there yet, but soon (December). Some of my favorite places that I have visited so far are:
Brunch: Level One, FireFly, & Scion.
Lunch: Falfel Waffle.
Boutiques: Shop Violet.
4. Who are your favorite designers?
Some of my favorite designers are BCBG, Banana Republic, J. Crew, & Michael Kors. & I you can never go wrong with Target, Francesca's Collections, & Forever 21.
5. Any fun summer plans?
This summer I won't have a lot of time off from my PA Rotations. I will have 5 days off next week for 4th of July, & I am not sure what I am doing just yet, hopefully the beach or something relaxing for sure! In August, I do have a special wedding to go to in New York. My best friend Holly is getting married & I can't wait to spend this special day with her!
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