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Industry + Insights / April 03, 2012 / Julie
Featuring Chiffon Souffle blogger, Heather Hahn!

Chiffon SouffleChiffon Souffle

From the City of Angels, we are excited to introduce, Heather Hahn, style maven and editor of blog Chiffon Souffle!  She's our kind of gal who has a passion for fashion, and is an expert in beauty, lifestyle, recipes, and all things fun!  Heather has treated readers to everything fabulous including inside reports of A-list red carpet events with celebrities such as the Kardashians and Tori Spelling, the latest designer lines, upscale boutique grand openings, special style savings, and  the best-kept recipes!  For your daily dose of fun and fabulous - check out

Here, Heather styles the perfect outfit from her favorite SNOBSWAP pieces!

French Connection Dress

Look 1: This French Connection Dress is perfect for the upcoming summer season! This summer it is all about light and bright colors. This dress gives off a great look this season with a belt attached to create that slimming figure. Trade in the ripped jean shorts this summer for something a bite more daring and something you wouldn’t normally wear on a regular basis. I have to say though that the light pink color certainly gives me that vibe of  “kick back and relax”.

Cole Haan booties

Look 2: These Cole Haan booties are an absolute favorite of mine! Light on the heel,but the perfect material. These booties make a great combination with the light pink french connection dress and give the entire outfit a bit of a “bold statement”. They kind of own the dress! If you want to catch someones attention on the street,this is the way to do it!

Tiffany and Co bracelet

Look 3: This Tiffany and Co bracelet is the perfect sterling silver piece to add to this outfit. It's classy,yet sophisticated. Even though this may bring you back to the high school days where you wanted your boyfriend to get you that special blue box for your birthday, I'd still rock this with any outfit as simple as this.

Kate Spade Bag

Look 4: The wonder of a Kate Spade bag! Not only loving the fact that it comes in midnight black,but it is simply so versatile and could go with any spring/summer outfit really. Having this shade of  bag not only makes you and your dress stand out, but it certainly raises all of  the focus on you for the night! Don't be afraid to go with an edgy and spunky feel when playing dress up!

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